Shared Decision Making And Disease Management Go Hand In Hand

San Antonio, Texas, September 17, 2009 – CareNet advocates the integration of Shared Decision Making in
disease management.

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San Antonio, Texas, September 17, 2009 – CareNet advocates the integration of Shared Decision Making in
disease management. CareNet believes that shared decision making and disease management should go hand in hand with each other as the success rate of the management of disease is greatly dependent on how well-informed the patient or client is regarding his health condition. What better way to inform the patient of his current health state than shared decision making?

CareNet integrates shared decision making with disease management for the purpose of hearing the client’s perspective and insights regarding treatment modality preferences as well as help them decide the rightful choice of treatment regimen that conforms to their religious beliefs and caters their needs with the chances of undesirable risks and consequences being outweighed by the advantages of the planed treatment. The Disease Management program is CareNet’s way of answering the problems regarding the sky rocketing cost of healthcare.

“As the quality of health is improved through disease management, we are able to make our clients cut costs on healthcare by avoiding unwanted doctor and ER visits brought about by complication or exacerbations of long-term disease or infirmity,” Said John Erwin, CareNet’s President. “We also offer online access to the archives of health information that contains comprehensive and diverse data that further support the shared decision making and disease management program of CareNet,” added John.

The Disease Management Program of CareNet identifies the members of the community who have chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and the likes and implements evidenced-based treatment modalities and provides health coaching and continuous evaluation and provision of positive feedbacks and reinforcement to motivate the clients to adhere to lifestyle changes and treatment regimen.

CareNet’s combines evidenced based practice guidelines with the preferences of the patient to make certain that the health advocate or healthcare provider and the patient achieve desired outcomes; client satisfaction in the case of the health advocate and improved heath state in the case of the patient.
With shared decision making and Disease management working hand in hand, the client does not only benefit from the improved health state but with the cost cutting in healthcare services as well. This is what makes CareNet the leader in the provision of healthcare services. They see to it that members of the community are allowed access to quality healthcare without having to pay a high price.

About CareNet:

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