Ayeko Records is on fire with this smashing new release by Werner Niedermeier and Master Seb

Werner Niedermeier and Master Seb join forces to release their 'Smooth EP' on Ayeko Records including the participation of Jerome Sydenham and Jerome Pacman.

Online PR News – 20-May-2016 – Geneva, Switzerland – This release includes two excellent original tracks with superb remixes from Jerome Sydenham and Jerome Pacman.

The title track 'Smooth' is a tremendous example of Werner & Seb's grooving minimalistic approach to Deep House. The pair have created a rhythmic monster, using a series of dynamic peaks, an infectious stab, subtle bassline and soulful percussion that will shape any dance floor.

Remixing 'Smooth' is Jerome Sydenham, who delivers two distinct interpretations, a Power Dub mix and an Instrumental Dub. Both maintain the originals quintessential synth stabs and relentless groove whilst bringing the bass right up front in an overstated, aggressive manner sure to keep everyone moving.

Next up is 'Work It, Yeah' which throws minimal house into the equation. This track pushes the release in an interesting direction. The off-kilter groove, stern percussion and precisely placed vocal give the track a deep feel whilst the grooving sub bass and short delayed stabs make this a potent dance floor cut.

Lastly on the EP, we have Jerome Pacman, remixing 'Work It, Yeah' who indulges us with his Detroit influenced work of deep techno wizardy. With a contagious dub bass line and minimal percussion it's obvious that this track was intended for the darkest basements of underground clubs playing the deepest grooves.