Launching New Books

At RapidSpace we are ready to launch next e-book on coming 23-05-16 at

Online PR News – 20-May-2016 – Chennai – RapidSpace a World-Class e-book Author & Publisher,
As we have thousand's of ready e-books for launch we are launching 3 brand new books at namely :
1) Rock Solid SEO:
Rock Solid SEO book contains 4 editions.2 of them will be free Edition and 2 of them will be Commercial Editions.Those 2 free Editions contain almost all details from beginner level to advanced level. Those two commercial editions will be additional resources for Giving site an headstart and other one will also be the same.The product will be sold as a ZIP File and the size of it would be approximately 1 MB.The total Package Price would be 2$(Including Free and Premium)

2) Work At Home Methods Unleashed
Affiliating with businesses in order to market them isn't a fresh idea.But what you have to know here is that it may make you a millionaire and you would not even have to physically adventure an inch out of your home.
What are individuals on the Net mainly looking for? Data, that‟s right! If you supply them the data they are looking for, you are a winner the whole way.So all techniques involved in affiliation & other Earning Systems will be teached thoroughly from startup to Eaning a Million.

3) Recipies from & around World
This book have a complete collection of original Recipies around the world.This book will be release as Two Editions as the book has totally more than 1500 pages so we splitted it.This is not a free Edition as Heavy work is done in its backend. The price of each edition is just 2$
At its Completely free for first 15 days of launch.After that it will be moved to commercial section.