Book Titled Big Data Analytics Methods Delivers on Bloomberg\'s Vision

Big Data Analytics Methods A New Book Supports Bloomberg\'s Vision: Data Analytics is The Future of Everything

Online PR News – 19-May-2016 – Washington / District of Columbia – Washington, D.C. (May 18, 2016) - A new book titled Big Data Analytics Methods delivers on Bloomberg's vision that Data Analytics is the future of everything. Bloomberg published the article back in 2014. Today, the book offers 10 chapters outlining how data scientists can monetize data by leveraging data insights into business opportunities.

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"Data Analytics offers tremendous opportunities to increase sales and market share by finding patterns in data", said Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., book's author, "If you can predict your customer's next purchase you're in a position to make the right pitch at the right time to that customer. Making sense out of data is a key competitive advantage", he added.

The book explains advanced data analytics topics such as deep learning, data mining, natural language processing (NLP), Predictive modeling, customer sentiment analysis, neural networks, random forest and decision trees, regression models and ensemble of models.

"This book unveils methods that have been secrets of trade for some time", said Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., "For example, the ensemble of models is a less known technique that improves accuracy of prediction. The book offers several ensemble schemas that can’t be found in any other text", he added.

The book teaches data engineers and data scientists methods to develop a diverse set of data products such as customer profiling, customer segmentation, social media analysis, fraud detection, financial prediction and optimization.

The Big Data Analytics book is the result of more than 15 years of experience in data analytics by Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., a leading international consultant and author of best-selling technology books (

“Big Data Analtyics Methods is an important book because it packs more than 100 analytics techniques and use-cases into one handbook”, remarked Peter Ghavami, Ph.D., “Natural Language Processing and machine learning are going to unlock insights in data while enabling new applications such as customer sentiment analysis and in-the moment decision analysis for consumers”.

About the Author: Peter Ghavami, Ph.D. is a world renowned consultant and best-selling author of several IT books. He has been consultant and advisor to many Fortune 500 companies in the world for IT strategy, big data analytics, innovation and new technology development. His book titled Clinical Intelligence is one of the best-selling analytics books in healthcare. His recent book on Hadoop data governance titled “Big Data Governance” is adopted by many consulting firms as standard practice. He published his first book titled “Lean, Agile and Six Sigma IT Management” in 2009 which is still widely used by IT professionals around the world. His books have been selected as text books by several universities. Dr. Ghavami has over 25 years of experience in technology development, IT leadership, data analytics, supercomputing, software engineering and innovation. He can be reached at