MTREECARE Debuts Next-Gen Smart Forehead Thermometer, THERMOCARE® MT-1000

THERMOCARE is the ideal smart healthcare solution for easy checking & easy caring of your family

Online PR News – 19-May-2016 – May 19th, 2016(Seoul, Korea) – MTREECARE, frontier and service provider of connected mobile healthcare solution, today unveiled the next-gen smart healthcare device-THERMOCARE® MT-1000, a Bluetooth connected smart forehead thermometer to make it easier for parents to measure kids’ temperatures without hassles associated with oral or ear thermometers consistently and monitor not only kids but also their family’s health history individually by sharing it over Bluetooth to a free Android or iOS smartphone app.

“The demand for simple, effective and always accessible healthcare device has increased since IoT(Internet of Things) caused new wave of healthcare a few years ago. When we decided to invent THERMOCARE, the conceptual medical device, faced many misunderstandings due to unclear definitions between IoT Healthcare and Telemedicine Devices at the very beginning in Korea and there still might be a little gap between what healthcare startups can do and can’t such as crowd funding.” said Peter Park, Chief Executive Officer at MTREECARE. “However, we never stop to challenge, overcome difficulties, and finally make it. We are excited how many IoT can make our life change better, and sure that our release of THERMOCARE will help parents’ life to check and care their kids in a little distance easier and safer than before.”

Measure Safer

The THERMORECARE, non-contact forehead thermometer measures body temperatures with just a simple tap on the side of the head within 1 second, and the temperature is displayed via an array of LEDs immediately which has great visibility in the dark including three color-coded Smart LED Guide giving feedbacks. The THERMOCARE is designed to prevent the risk of cross-infection from today’s the threat like MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus) or AI (Avian Influenza) which is fatal virus to human, especially kids would be more vulnerable from those threats if they are at risk like being one place together. The THERMOCARE is a perfect matched safer solution for a kindergarten to prevent cross-infection, to check suspected child and share the information to the parents in real time.

Connect More

The THERMORECARE and its app let a user easily check and take care of the family’s fever and share the records over Bluetooth to a free Android or iOS smartphone THERMOCARE app simultaneously. Providing intuitive UI for management, the user can easily add more users’ accounts up to eight family members on the app. Plus, the THERMOCARE supports large capacity memory up to 1,000 records. Connect, not only the THERMOCARE but also the family more.

Check & Care Easier

Not only the THERMOCARE app helps a user to check body thermometer easier but also its Smart LED Guide does to use it easier. The three color-coded smart LED Guide gives two different feedbacks that help a user to find a right spot (green and orange) to measure the heat being emitted on the side of head, behind eyes and shows the meaning of the result, as green: normal, orange: moderated, and red: elevated temperatures so that the red alert makes the user immediately to know what should do for the next.

“Traditional body thermometers have made a baby who fear to feel cold and weird to cry more. Our non-contact forehead thermometer will make parents free to worry about it. The THERMOCARE looks simple smart gadget because its aesthetically appealing it’s easy to forget it was approved as medical one. The THERMOCARE meets the MFDS (the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)’s requirements of accuracy. We’ve got GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) too.” Said Effy Hwang, Marketing General Manager at MTREECARE. “We believe the THERMOCARE will become the next generation smart thermometer with reasonable price. We will provide it to the world as soon as get CE certificate of, even though are going to launch the THERMOCARE in Korea first.”


THERMOCARE® Smartphone App
THERMOCARE app provides a simple, intuitive interface for easy checking the change of family’s heat information and caring by sending the suspected result to family’s doctor. English version will be open soon.

THERMOCARE® MT-1000 Features:
- Supports free Android or iOS smartphone app connected Bluetooth LE
- Non-contact forehead thermometer, unnecessary to buy consumable filters
- Aesthetic beauty, high readability LED Display in the dark
- Three color-coded Smart LED Guide to give status information
- Mode button for one-touch setting up: Silent Mode, Object Mode, Body Tem. Mode
- Auto-power saving and power off

Availability and Pricing
MTREECARE’s THERMOCARE MT-1000 will be available soon in the second quarter of 2016 and will arrive with reasonable price, $ 59 in Korea first.

MTREECARE Inc. strives to innovate mobile healthcare industry through medical appliance(Healthcare) products and service. We’d like to contribute people around the world live their life healthier and happier by providing smartest healthcare product and service.