Software vendor Fincore appoints new managing director to drive Big Data business

EDM software vendor Fincore has appointed Marcelle von Wendland as Managing Director to drive growth of it's Big Data business.

Online PR News – 19-May-2016 – London/UK – The appointment of Ms von Wendland as Managing Director is part of Fincore's plans to accelerate the launch of Fincore's Big Data Virtual Appliance to the wider market later in the year. Ms von Wendland was previously responsible for Fincore's Enterprise Data Quality Management product FDM3 aimed at Central Banks and data utilities. FDM3 is used by 29 central banks and is the platform for one of the largest shared data services for financial instrument data. Fincore's Big Data Virtual Appliance is already in use by existing Fincore customers where it provides smart data discovery and quality assurance and accelerated queries that give users interactive real time feedback on data quality issues. "Our aim is to give the capability to provide faster and smarter answers to important business questions based on big and small data to the wide range of businesses who can afford dedicated Big data staff and facilities" says Ms von wendland. "with our Big Data Virtual Appliance", she adds, "we can make a Big Data approach accessible to business users and affordable to a wide range of organisations in the private and public sector." Ms von Wendland lead the 24 month R&D effort which resulted in the Big Data Virtual Appliance. Many of the smart features in the Appliance have their root in Fincores FDM3 EDQM software which includes a semantic meta data repository and sophisticated algorithms to create reliable composite information from large numbers of small snippets from not always reliable sources.