Following Sudden Death of Friend, ‘Exit Coach’ Bill Black Offers Free E-Book as Tribute

Decision Not to Monetize Marks Another Step in the Personal Mission to Prevent Families from Falling Victim to an Unplanned Business

Online PR News – 19-May-2016 – Orange, Calif. – For Bill Black – a certified exit planner, author and host of Exit Coach Radio – the mission to educate business owners about the importance of succession preparation is more personal than professional. Having worked in the industry for decades, he has seen the tragic consequences of an unplanned business first-hand, and he is determined to stop this from happening any more.

Today, Black is announcing the release of a free e-book, “Business Continuity: 5 Steps to Protect Your Family” to be made available for download on his website, The decision not to monetize the book, which had been available on Amazon for $9.99, was inspired by the overwhelming need to help people with exit planning advice.

It tells the sad story of Bill’s good friend who passed away suddenly just before starting his exit plan and the devastating toll it took on the survivors. But the e-book also provides hope and actionable advice for business owners who can prevent the same thing from happening to them, including:

- A five-step process that a family can complete within 15 days
- Inexpensive solutions to massive problems
- Where to go to learn from expert advisors for free
- What families should do immediately to protect their biggest asset

“A staggering eight in 10 businesses are vulnerable to an unplanned exit and each year the threat deepens for families of small business owners. Such looming disasters are not acceptable, and they are completely avoidable,” Black said. “Through my e-book, I hope to empower families to plan an orderly succession that will preserve a lifetime of wealth that took so much hard work to earn. Over the past 30 years, I have seen too many family fortunes get wiped out by creditors and overzealous employees, and that’s why I am offering this e-book free to the public.”

A chartered financial consultant (ChFC) and life underwriter (CLU), Black is also the founder of a multi-media enterprise with the goal of motivating 1 million business owners to protect their families and take the necessary steps to ensure a safe succession. His Internet-based Exit Coach Radio show draws more than 40,000 listeners each month and is endorsed by the Business Enterprise and the Exit Planning institutes. The radio broadcast airs twice each Sunday before and after each Los Angeles Angels baseball game on AM 830 KLAA.

About Bill Black

Bill Black, "The Exit Coach," is a certified exit planner endorsed by the Business Enterprise Institute and the Exit Planning Institute. On his Internet-based Exit Coach Radio show, accessed by more than 40,000 listeners each month, Black has interviewed 1,000 professional advisors from disciplines such as law, accounting, insurance and banking for their best tips, ideas and precautions for business owners. Black also hosts the Exit Coach Radio show on the LA Angels radio station, KLAA 830AM Los Angeles, with two shows, airing Sundays at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. All shows are recorded and accessible via Smartphone or Computer at Black has authored several books, including \"Business Continuity: Five Steps To Protect Your Family,\" now available as a free download at Black speaks regularly to Business and Professional groups, in addition to keynotes and workshops at regional and national association meetings. For more information visit and follow Black on Twitter.