Tokyo Japan 27 April, 2016 - ad-dice Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of BeeSensing, the world-first IoT AI adaptation product to beekeeping.

Online PR News – 18-May-2016 – Tokyo – Bee Sensing provides you a support system for beekeepers. You can monitor temperature and humidity of beehives through it even if you are located in somewhere far from an apiary. This application also pushes you alert when there happens something you have to go to your apiary by machine learning efficient beekeeping method on the basis of monitored and accumulated data.You can know the status of your bees without visiting your apiary, so you can get enough time to make a plan how to check beehives before visiting apiary. This system monitors bees\' health for you, relieves burdens of on-site checking and frees your time.

Bee Sensing can also leverage beekeepers’ productivity. It provides you check lists and to-do memo so as to make quality of beekeeping\'s IoT AI technology called SoLoMoN technology enables you not only to receive alert from beehives which are located in distant places but also to work with the large number of people and make and share supportive knowledge for new comers. (Patent issued 2015-098928)

ad-dice Co., Ltd. developed an IoT AI device called SoLoMoN device. By just attaching this kit to an object you will be able to monitor its status. You will obtain IoT AI system which learns from sensing data of an object, enables you to input task-history and makes it possible for machine to learn from sensor data and working knowledge. IoT AI system reduces your burden and makes better output quality of your team. (Patent issued 2015-098928)