A Magic Selfie Drone is newly launched

KIMON – an impressive selfie drone crowdfunding project – is recently launched on JD.com Finance,by Keyshare China

Online PR News – 18-May-2016 – Beijing – KIMON – an impressive selfie drone crowdfunding project – is recently launched on JD.com Finance, a subsidiary of China’s E-commerce giant JD.com, by Keyshare Information Technology, a company based on Hunan province in South Central China. The project has received wide attention and gone virus on Weibo, the leading Chinese microblogging website, and through WeChat, the most popular messaging app in China. The mysterious drones originally used in military operations and film and video production are about to become a household, affordable fashion item. An interview with LI Hong, the president of Keyshare Information Technology, and his dynamic development team supplies us with the story behind KIMON. LI Hong, a veteran of armament material management, has turned himself successfully an entrepreneur in the high-tech industry. Supported by the core technology, his company has witnessed a rapid business expansion. “The exploration of new fields and high-tech are meant to build a better life. So it shouldn’t be made distant, unfathomable, but easy-to-approach. We want to bring fresh experience to everybody through the technology, and KIMON selfie drone is the example.” Li Hong told the reporter. “The idea of a selfie drone sprang from a charming group photo taken on the ice ground. But the defect of the selfie stick is obvious. People are not entirely caught by the lens and the stick invades abruptly. That inspires me to produce a kind of selfie drone for a perfect selfie. Taking selfie shows a positive life attitude and now is very popular. I hope KIMON’s incomparable selfie ability can make photography an easy and pleasant thing.” There are doubts coming from insiders, however, about KIMON selfie drone, thinking the drone technology is underemployed and the product is just a stunt. “Both the first digital camera and the first apple iPhone are clouded by many doubts. People believed they are expensive, niche and luxury. Yet both are household items now.” LI Hong’s replied to the criticism. “In my opinion, KIMON shows great promise. And I believe one day the selfie drone will also be a household item since people are always pursuing a quality life. It’s wonderful and exciting to have your great time recorded. The follow-up service will improve too. Besides, with the advance of the technology, price will further decrease.”It’s a reality that doubt and pressure are the necessary ordeals every innovation encounters. Yet Keyshare launched KIMON successfully through crowdfunding while winning applause and support. Now in Keyshare’s 200 employees, there are over 80 developers. The company has applied for 108 patents and does the best in wireless transmission (low-latency, broadband and long distance) in the industry. In addition to the advanced technology, KIMON also boasts charming appearance. Its intrinsic merits and outside support has won the commercial selfie drone a ¥2 million investment via crowdfunding. So we have every reason to believe that the prosperity of the selfie drone business is around the corner.