Entrada Capital to hold Asian Investment Forum

Entrada Capital will host its Asian Investment Forum in its Hong Kong Office on Wednesday 1st June 2016.

Online PR News – 18-May-2016 – HONG KONG – Entrada Capital’s forum will be focussing on current affairs on Asian stock markets. The forum, which aims to promote constructive dialogue between international investors each year, will attract over two hundred investors globally.

Entrada Capital’s Chief Market Strategist, Mr. Seamus Ahearn commented on the upcoming forum saying “Numerous topics will be discussed at length while also having a question and answer session towards the end of the Forum. The event will also feature a number international investor guests who will address key topics of Asia’s investment climate and the slight drop of the Yen against the dollar.”

"The country choice for investments is a big component in the attribution of returns. With political issues in Malaysia currently, there is cause for little concern, however, oil is still a major player. The current dip with the Yen shouldn’t last long, but things can only improve from here on”, added Mr. Ahearn, Chief Market Strategist for Entrada Capital.

Entrada Capital is an innovative global investment authority focusing on the emerging markets of the Asia Pacific region. Entrada Capital has its headquarters in the financial heart of the 21st Century economy, Hong Kong, with its unparalleled links to Asia and the Americas and highly reputable status as an international financial centre.

Established in 2006 by founders James Buckingham and Alfonso Domingo, with aim of providing investors around the world with entry to the rapid growth markets of Asia and Latin America. Entrada Capital places a strong emphasis on researching and investing in the areas which will dominate as the growth of the consumer class arises from what we consider emerging economies today.

At Entrada Capital, we have throughout the years earned ourselves an exceptional reputation within our industry for providing to our clients the highest levels of tactical, instructive guidance, operational enactment and upmost competence, regularly surpassing the highest expectations of our clientele.