Flipsnack has announced the release of HTML5 widgets

Flipsnack, the online publishing app and flipbook maker, has announced today the release of the new HTML5 widgets.

Online PR News – 17-May-2016 – San Francisco, California – Modern technology relies less and less on Flash, and Flipsnack has adapted to the new digital trends.

There’s been an anti-Flash movement over the last few years for various reasons: vulnerabilities of the technology, incompatibility with mobile device browsers, many crashes and so on. Flipsnack has been providing an HTML5 backup option for mobile devices, for over 4 years now. It was time to offer a solution that works for all types of devices and that is universally accepted by all modern browsers. The modern HTML5 technology ensures universal viewing and interactivity on all devices.

Flipsnack developers have worked for a few months on getting rid of all the Flash and on recreating the same options and features that were available in the old version. The functionality and design of the flipbooks remained the same.

The new HTML5 flipbook widgets are packed with many interactive features and support rich media. It’s a new way of bringing together a lot of different media: audio, video, text, images and interaction to create an experience for readers.
There are 2 ways of creating HTML5 flipbooks on Flipsnack: by uploading PDF, PNG, JPG and JPEG files, or by using the content creator to design each page of the flipbook, one at a time.

HTML5 is more SEO-friendly, so this will improve the discoverability and the ranking of Flipsnack publications. Publishers or other users who wish to keep their content private have an option to publish as “unlisted”, hiding their content from search engines and from other Flipsnack pages.

For already published flipbooks, the transition to HTML5 will happen gradually, but it will be an automated process, without any action required from users. The update will not affect the embedded flipbooks. If users wish to convert an embedded Flash flipbook to HTML5 they will need to re-publish and re-embed it.

Flipsnack was founded on 2012 it has over 1 000 000 users. It has recently been mentioned by top publications like Mashable, Guardian and Huffington Post.