A Job Seeker in Hollywood Trades a Resume for a Book

Could Job Fantasy Become a New Literary Subgenre?

Online PR News – 17-May-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – The self-published short story, Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand by Stephanie Batailler is now available, in its original English version, as an eBook on Amazon, iBook, and Kobo, and will be released on Nook on June 22nd.
The book premiered last year in French at the Book and Press Fair in Geneva (Switzerland.) It was listed as the first of the “Must-Sees” at the fair by L'Hebdo and made front page of La Savoie.

The book is a biofiction, a fiction of the author’s dream. Stephanie Batailler moved to Los Angeles four year ago with the hope of being hired as a writer in a big studio in Hollywood. After a while, she had enough of emailing her resume without ever receiving any response. So, she decided to write a fairy-tale-like version of a job interview and send it instead of her resume to human resources and studio executives.

Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand is the perfect pick-me-up for the hopeful (or hopeless) seeker of employment—or for any person bored at work. It shows a new way to ‘sell yourself’ and raises questions like these: How far would you go to get an interview for your dream job? Does creativity have a haven in this hostile realm that is job hunting?

“I am often asked for advice from people on how to get started–how to land that first job. But I’ve never come across such a creative approach as this! Ms. Batailler has crafted an unexpected and wildly imaginative narrative in her quest to scale those studio walls. She deserves a good long interview—at the very least!!” —Ron Judkins, two-time Academy Award Winner & five-time Nominee.

The STORY: a funny, whimsical, and heartfelt tale about Stephanie, a young French immigrant, going for a job interview in a legendary studio in Hollywood. But, OhlalaLand Studios interviewing process is a little…unusual, a little…OhlalaLandian and the story quickly becomes a tale within a tale with a parade of wacky characters where talking animals, walking buttons, epicurean pen-people, and ghosts using cellular phones, are as real as the mystical creature interviewing her.

The book will empower you to use your imagination to get the job (or life) you’ve always wanted and bring your own stories out of the shadows now that the day and age of self-publishing has come.

Tale of a Job Interview at OhlalaLand by Stephanie Batailler.
Publication by OhlalaLand (Self-Published); eBook ISBN: 978-0-9960383-3-1; $0.99; 52 pages and 15 b & w illustrations by Olivia DeGaine;
Released on Amazon (Feb 24); Kobo (March 22); iBook (April 11.) Coming release: Nook on June 22. The book has a yellow or green cover, depending on the retailer.

10% of the author’s proceeds go to Kids Kicking Cancer, an organization that uses martial arts therapy to ease the pain of children with serious illness. Stephanie’s mother got Leukemia while she was writing the book.

Stephanie Batailler graduated with a Master’s degree in History from Sorbonne University, then moved to New York and studied Film Production. After working for ten years in the Film Industry, she moved to Los Angeles in November 2011 and started by teaching ESL to immigrants. Later, and for three years, she worked as an international TV producer for a Martial Arts television network. She is now pursuing a career in writing in the Entertainment Industry.

Contact: Stephanie Batailler at 917.428.8014
stephanie@ohlalalandstories.com; www.ohlalalandstories.com
Press kit: http://ohlalalandstories.com/media/media-kit/

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