Industry Which Began in the Bronze Age Open Today to Paulette Dystant

Paulette Dystant Gains Experience in Finance, Zoning Codes, Contracts and Costs in California Residential Building Construction

Online PR News – 18-May-2016 – Simi Valley,CA,USA – Paulette Dystant gained essential knowledge of the legalities which govern a property and a construction project and the obligations to code regulations which must be met by the builder and construction manager, through her work in the California construction industry. This is on the job education which Dystant could not learn during her time at Duffs Business College in Kingston, Jamaica, her native country. Dystant’s first job upon her business school graduation, employment with Comet Builders Inc. in Los Angeles, California in the United States, exposed her to the absolute necessity of adhering to zoning and building codes when focusing on the completion of a successful building project.

Construction projects come with complex contracts and legal obligations, designed to guarantee that each side can and will perform the goals of the project. Clear contracts, clear expectations and clear timelines are essential parts of the successful project, and as a coordinator of the financial component of residential housing construction, Paulette Dystant’s work today as a mortgage originator gives her a direct interest in the contractual legalities of construction. Dystant came to realize that the equity of the owner in the property is the basic source of funding in the project, with accountants monitoring the financing payouts throughout the process. Dystant began to focus her business expertise toward the financial side of building construction.

Paulette Dystant’s decision to immigrate to the United States for her business career in mortgage origination brought her to an annual $960 billion construction industry. $680 billion of that figure is private revenue, split between residential and nonresidential building. Almost 667,000 businesses employed around 1 million contractors in 2005. In 2013, the construction industry employed 5.8 million individuals, with 828,000 women like Dystant working in the construction industry in 2011. Dystant works today in a building industry which began with simple tools, wielded by hand, building the first huts in the Bronze Age. As building grew more sophisticated, bricklayers, carpenters and other professional craftsmen developed. With the appearance of the age of machines, cranes, excavators and bulldozers added to the toolbox of building construction, making it the powerhouse of economies as it is today.

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