The OSHA Focus Four Course is now available at just $45.00

OSHA is a regulatory agency that enforces and issues certain standards and regulations in order to maintain safety and health at work sites. Now OSHA introduces the Focus Four course.

Online PR News – 14-October-2010 – – Everybody knows the importance of safety training courses. Unfortunately, most of these training courses are time consuming and highly ineffective. Thus, every OSHA safety training course has been designed and developed by experts, in order to impart a sense of understanding, awareness and knowledge that is practical and innovative. But more importantly, these courses are a 100% online and hence, they can be completed anywhere and at anytime, without really disrupting any daily schedules. In other words, these courses are cost effective and informative as well as practical.

Furthermore, these safety courses are primarily for employees and workers who handle hazardous substances and materials on a daily basis. Thus, every OSHA Safety training course, seeks to impart a sense of skill, knowledge and awareness among its trainees and students. But these courses truly stand out, for they are constantly updated and in tune with the safety and health rules and regulations, that's set up by OSHA.

The fatality and injury rates in the construction industry are very high, although this industry just makes up only 6% of the country’s work force. It is also important to note that nearly 80% of all fatalities in the construction industry involve the focus four hazards. This online focus four training program has been designed and developed to assist workers at the construction industry, by lowering the risks that are associated with the focus four hazards. This online OSHA focus four course, covers the four most important hazards in the construction industry, they are, electrocutions, falls, struck-by's, and caught-between's.

Some of the other topics that are covered under this course are:

1.To identify the activities that cause stuck by and caught in between injuries.
2.Electrical training.
3.Preventative measures for avoiding falls.
4.Safety-related work practices.
5.Fall protection plans.

Don't let money ever be an obstacle towards safety. Enroll today! In one of the most effective and practical OSHA safety training courses.

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