Ninja Emails : The Right Solution For Your Email Campaign Woes

Ninja Emails : The Right Solution For Your Email Campaign Woes

Online PR News – 18-May-2016 – Malsia – In the time of the internet, flyer distribution has become an obsolete form of advertisement. Email marketing has become the proficient means of building prolific clientele. One of the major reasons for the failure of many upcoming and potential businesses is the lack of a healthy clientele. An email list is the most important factor in generating leads and sales. Many businesses get cheated of their money because of provision of invalid emails addresses that no longer exist and inaccurate data. Thus the right choice of email marketing company is a must.

NinjaEmails has emerged as an email list provider with guaranteed high quality premium email mailing lists. It targets all the major areas that may cause your email campaign to end up in failure. NinjaEmails data is aggregated from the top 20 database vendors, list brokers and mailing list service providers used by Fortune 500 and global MNCs. To ensure that the emails go to valid and real prospects, the aggregated email marketing database is triple verified.The comprehensive data set of NinjaEmails includes fields such as category (C- level, Director, VP), contact person name, contact person title, contact person email, address, phone number, company etc thus allowing the clients to sort, target and follow-up with the contact to be targetted. Their Malaysia email marketing service is getting popular day by day among those companies who have their market in Singapore.

High bounce rates is another of the major problems faced by email marketers. It negatively impacts the sender’s reputation and has a damaging effecting on delivery rates. NinjaEmails strives to reduce the bouncer rate by counteracting it with its propriety data processes which continuously gather, analyse and verify data bringing in information that is extremely detailed, accurate and up to date. It has outperformed the industry’s bounce rate by upto 45% when compared with the closest competitors.
NinjaEmails also boasts one of the industry’s most up to date list with a full rebuild every month. With businesses constantly closing, executives changing and 20% of the consumer population moving every year, this may be considered as a boon for the email marketers in search of fresh and quality clientele.

Keeping in miond, the angry contacts who have been spammed to death as well as the high probability of being flagged as spam and being suspended by the email provider NinjaEmails practices strict distribution control wherein number of purchaeses made on each email mailing lists is automatically restricted. As soon as the threshold quantity is reached, the email list is taken out of circulation.

NinjaEmails also provides a no payment for bad data service consisting of a 1 for 1 replacement The unsatisfied clients receive a 1-1 exchange for any portion of the email list that’s undeliverable, out of date or disconnected ensuring a 100% client satisfaction. Hence the problems of inaccurate data and emails being unopened and unread has been efficiently taken care of.

NinjaEmails has featured on Yahoo, Google news, International Business Times, Daily Herald,, CBS News and The Boston Globe. It has been awarded:
1. Best in Class Email List
Category: online marketing
2.Most Cost Effective Marketting 2013-2014
Category: E-Marketing
3.Top 3 Email Provider
Category: E-Mail Marketing
4.No. 1 Quality Marketing Leads
Category: EDM list

With over 5,000,000 leads generated by the clients, NinjaEmails hasrecieved high praises for its email marketing database.

“I am surprised by the high quality of the email list. I started with a basic package and bought more soon afterwards.” ~ Timmy, Online blog shop

“I believe that email lists are the best way to build my own marketing assests” ~Jimmy Teo, Marketing consultant

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