Anthony Tata Anticipates The Release of Three Minutes To Midnight

Anthony Tata has been a dedicated public servant throughout the course of his career

Online PR News – 16-May-2016 – Wilmington,NC – Anthony Tata has always been a man with a varied skillset, much of which was put to good use during his time in the United States Army. Over the course of a 28-year career, he ascended to the rank of Brigadier General and received a number of accolades for his service, including a Combat Action Badge and Bronze Star.Following his departure from the military, Tata began focusing on a writing career, with his efforts to write and publish his first novel bearing fruit in 2009 with the debut of the 'Threat' series. Sudden Threat was a success and inspired Tata to continue pursuing his dream of becoming a novelist while Anthony Tata also served in a number of roles, including a period as the Superintendent of Wake County Public School System from 2011-2012 and as the Secretary of Transportation for North Carolina between 2013 and 2015. During his tenure as superintendent, Wake County Public Schools had historic growth in student achievement, especially for low income students. He also calmed a divided community and led the system back to fully accredited status.In the period between 2009 and 2015, he continued to create more books in the 'Threat' series, release Rogue Threat, Hidden Threat and Mortal Threat to increasing levels of critical acclaim. His work was compared to that of Tom Clancy by many critics, with most noting that his background in the United States Army lends the stories that he crafts an increased level of credibility that makes them truly thrilling to read. He also received praise for his decision to donate 100% of the proceeds from the series to the USO Metro DC Hospital Services fund for Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.Following the conclusion of the 'Threat' series, Tata made the decision to explore an entirely new character in Jake Mahegan, resulting in the release of the exceptional Foreign and Domestic in 2015. The book quickly became the most popular release from this increasingly-talented novelist, achieving a #6 ranking on the Barnes and Noble Bestsellers List.The story of Jake Mahegan is one that Kensington Books has contracted Anthony Tata to continue and he has been hard at work on the follow-up since the release of Foreign and Domestic. Three Minutes to Midnight, which will continue the story of Jake Mahegan, is currently scheduled for release in April 2016 and may well be the best work that this increasingly prolific author has produced so far. Besieged is complete and ready for February 2017 release with the fourth novel in the Jake Mahegan series set for September 2017 release.To Learn More Visit: