GES Auton Now Supports Short-tenor Binary Trading

Global eSolutions (HK) Limited announces that its new trading platform Auton now supports short-tenor binary trading.

Online PR News – 16-May-2016 – Hong Kong – Global eSolutions (HK) Limited (GES), a Hong Kong based leading financial trading platform vendor is pleased to announce that its new multi-asset trading and algo-ready platform Auton now supports short-tenor binary trading, providing traders with the most intuitive and fast-paced way to trade with exceptional short tenor.

Binary is one of the popular products in the financial market today that is attracting many traders. Offering traders the fastest possible way to profit from binary trades, Auton supports short-tenor binary which brings new levels of flexibility and efficiency. With the period of investment splitting into multiples of 30 seconds, various time frames such as 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 seconds are available. Placing a short-tenor trade via Auton is simple yet effective. Trades can be easily placed by simply choosing the desired asset, tenor, investment amount and the trade direction (Call or Put). The strike price, expiry, payout and risk are all disclosed at the trade's outset.
“The popularity of binary has been gaining in trading these days as traders may score profits in minimum time by predicting the movement of prices of the asset and make their move accordingly.” GES Assistant Director of Development Mr. Alex Wong said, “As many existing binary platforms in the market are only offering 60-second binary, so we have been unsparing in our efforts to deliver the extraordinarily short tenor as low as 30 seconds with Auton, making short-tenor Binary trading an intuitive, easy, yet robust experience.”

Auton also supports FX, Bullion, CFDs, Options, Equities, Futures and Stock Options, enabling traders to trade at ease with its unparalleled multi-asset connectivity and execution capabilities. With built-in algorithmic trading engine, Auton allows traders to develop, simulate, deploy and automate any quantitative trading strategy for any market, helping them to efficiently identify trends and determine buy/sell decision intelligently.

About GES

Global eSolutions (HK) Limited "GES" is a global leading provider dedicated in Financial Technology for more than 10 years. GES empowers financial institutions with algo-trading capability, advanced risk management and bridging solutions, including software, network infrastructure and services. With GES technologies, financial institutions are able to overcome the challenges of risk management, position management, liquidity source and trading across different financial instruments in a single platform. GES’s well established partnership with top-tier financial institutions and prime brokerage can fulfill customer’s needs of liquidity and market depth. GES ensures the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through comprehensive industry expertise and a deep-set commitment to customers.
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