My911 SmartPhone App Revolutionizes Bicycle Riding

Riding and racing bicycles can be dangerous, but now My911 can help in case of an accident by automatically calling an ambulance for the rider.

Online PR News – 14-October-2010 – – For Immediate Release

PROVO, UT—October 13, 2010—My911, a SmartPhone application, has recently been marketed to bicyclists, offering them additional safety when things go bad. The app utilizes both the accelerometer and GPS technologies in order to automatically notify an ambulance when the user gets into an accident. The app is like having OnStar on your bike. The GPS location is given to the ambulance, allowing help to come quickly, without requiring any description of where the accident occurred.

If you were biking in the mountains or in some national park, how long would it take to describe to the ambulance your exact location? When you are injured or unconscious, every second counts. The difference between life and death can literally be seconds. This is why having your phone notify the ambulance and giving them your GPS coordinates can be life-saving. In the case of a minor accident, the user can disable the automatic call (within a time frame chosen previously). So the app won’t call an ambulance inadvertently, because the phone will make a siren sound, indicating it will call 911 within that time frame, giving the user the opportunity to cancel the upcoming call.

In addition to offering safety to cyclists, My911 is a versatile app which can be used by anyone. In addition to calling 911, the app is able to notify up to 5 other people of an accident or fall. The GPS coordinates are sent to each of these recipients. To fit the specific needs of more users, the app’s sensitivity can be adjusted so that the slightest fall will set it off, or a more severe accident would be required to set it off.

Often it can be difficult to call 911 after a severe accident. This is why OnStar has become such a powerful tool for selling cars. Now, the same technology can help others, especially bicyclists who have been in a bad accident. Sometimes in these unfortunate cases, people become badly hurt or become unconscious, causing them to lose the ability to do such a simple thing on their own. This is why an automatic 911 call can be helpful. It is potentially the best life-saving app because it can assist so many people in so many situations. It allows bikers to get promtp help to their exact location.

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