Rexva introduce latest technology electric underfloor heating film system korea

Rexva - Best heating film system manufacturer in Korea.

Online PR News – 13-May-2016 – 13/05/2016 – Rexva - Korean Heating Film Manufacture Overview

Rexva - Korean leading electric underfloor heating specialists, supplying high quality heating systems all over the world. Rexva was founded in the year of Apr 2006. We have mainly developed and supplied surface phase heating products. For the past ten years we have manufactured wide range electric underfloor heating products with innovative and unique design to satisfy our customer needs. Now our products become standard products in the globe, we provide cost effective heating systems products which includes underfloor heating film, electric underfloor heating, carbon paste heating film, silver paste heating film, Ethylene vinyl acetate film, Underfloor heating laminate, Ondol heating system, Polyethylene terephthalate film, Ptc heating film, Carbon underfloor heating film, Infrared underfloor heating system, Underfloor heating cable, etc.,

We are the certified underfloor heating film manufacture in Korea. We got electric safety certification from various countries Europe, USA, North America, Russia, and Ukraine. We got great reputation for our heating film products in very short time. Our main aim is to continue this service, supply high quality and safety electric underfloor heating film products.

The best place for buy electric underfloor heating in Korea. If you are looking for safety, effective and continuous heating for your home, Rexva is the right place. XiCA heating film and PTC heating film are our brand name. XiCA heating film save 30% of cost compared to electric heating and save 60% of cost compared to fuel heating. It is well-being convention heating system by far-infrared ray, very easy to install, as well as safe heating system without fears for an accident. We have Radio frequency identification tag (Rfid) technology to test and verify the products.