Beau Gâchis Paris Partners with Beauty Pros, Mara & Hosway Take LA - The Master Seminar

Beauty Tools Company Sponsors International Educational Cosmetics Event

Online PR News – 13-May-2016 – San Jose, CA – Beauty accessories brand, Beau Gâchis Paris ( proudly sponsored recent successful event, ‘Mara & Hosway Take LA – The Master Seminar’ in San Jose, California. The event took place on May 1, 2016 from 1pm to 5pm at Lili’s Sweet Memories Hall at 625 Wool Creek Drive in San Jose, CA 95112. What exactly is the Master Seminar? Siblings Hosway Morbak and Mara Victoria, known for their professional experience in the beauty world as hair and makeup artists, have taken their years of experience and created an impeccable seminar to teach beauty pros and novices new tips and tricks. Hosway Morbak has worked with FX on American Horror Story and at E Network as a beauty influencer while Mara has carved her own niche as a professional makeup artist. All attendees were not only gifted a 7 piece professional Beau Gâchis set with a designer case in their kits, but the brushes were also exclusively used in the various demonstrations of the seminar. Beau Gâchis is set to also sponsor upcoming national and international events for the Master Seminar in Dallas, New York, Tampa and Dubai. To purchase tickets to a future event. and/or learn more visit

“Hosway Morbak and Mara Victoria have incredible and respected reputations in the beauty industry. When I heard that they were creating this incredible seminar I didn’t hesitate to participate. I flew in for their San Jose seminar to check it out for myself, and it was such a rewarding learning experience.” States CEO and Founder of Beau Gâchis Paris, Robin Guess. “In San Jose I was invited onstage by the siblings, to my surprise. I was excited to really share the purpose and meaning behind my brand and products with the audience. I think Hosway and Mara really relayed our company’s mission to provide all kinds of beauty junkies with great knowledge and tools.”

Beau Gâchis Paris is a family owned business founded in 2013 by husband and wife, Bill and Robin Guess. The concept behind the beauty accessories company was a response to the over flow of ‘franchise’ cosmetic outlets providing customers with quantity over quality items. Beau Gâchis Paris is continually expanding their collection of beauty tools; they continue to move forward by introducing fun and high quality brushes, cosmetic sponges, cases, and more well into 2016. Inspired by their two beautiful daughters, ‘Beau Gâchis’ translates to ‘beautiful mess’, which is how Bill and Robin playfully refer to their girls. Brushes from the line are made from high quality materials such as a combination of natural animal hair and synthetic hair, natural wood handles, and durable copper ferrules. Their famous cosmetics sponges are also made of hydrophilic, latex-free sponges making them safe for those who are allergic or sensitive to latex.

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About Beau Gâchis Paris
Beau Gâchis® Paris was founded in 2013 by Bill and Robin Guess who are both natives of Tampa, Florida. The name “Beau Gâchis” was derived from their two beautiful daughters. Beau Gâchis literally translates to “Beautiful Mess”, which is what Bill and Robin have always called their little girls. The company’s mission is to separate themselves from the other ‘franchise’ cosmetic outlets out there. They are committed to delivering professional, unique, and glamorous products to their customers while inspiring each and every one of them to share their individual beauty with the world.