A San Diego Reality Show's Sneak Preview Makes A Big Splash Helping The Homeless

The PB Reality Show as it's called, gave the world a peek of the first episode in an exclusive advanced screening at Moondoggies in Pacific Beach last week and the reviews are in.

Online PR News – 14-October-2010 – – San Diego, CA, October 14, 2010 -- It's not often you see scantly clad bikini models and homeless people on the same TV Show. Even more curious is how one man who once slept on the the beach is now a millionaire making a bikini calendar on that same beach. Known locally as the PB Millionaire, Jim Lawlor's latest brainchild is a reality show ( http://www.pbreality.com ) based on his new lifestyle of living in a castle and the behind-the-scenes drama of making a swimsuit calendar.

The PB Reality Show ( http://www.pbreality.com ) as it's called, gave the world a peek of the first episode in an exclusive advanced screening at Moondoggies in Pacific Beach last week and the reviews are in. Over 200 people stood in line and were handed questionnaires as they entered. Despite some technical problems with the club's sound system the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

When asked who the most interesting character was, many said Jim. "Because he went from sleeping on the beach to living the California Dream", Eric White wrote. "I can't believes what he's done. It's a great idea.", wrote an anonymous person. Another said "Jim- because he has a charismatic persona."

When Lawlor first moved here to San Diego some 18 years ago the only money he had was in his wallet. Although college educated, he found it tough finding work in a bad economy at the time and had to paint houses just to get by. Ironically, he invented a pair of painting goggles for spraying that made him a millionaire. Now he has devoted his life to giving back with his main focus - helping the homeless of San Diego. "I admit I have an ulterior motive" Lawlor says. "Viewers are drawn in by the beautiful bikini girls then I re-direct their attention to the homeless issue. But I also want to give them genuine entertainment too." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ1VM3Q6xkA

When the show began with it's opening of music and scenes of Pacific Beach, the audience cheered with excitement and pride for their hometown. And when the show ended they jumped out of their seats in applause, clapping, cheering, and shouting in praise.

"I felt it was very real and it grabbed my attention right away", said one attendee. "Interesting in a way that is a new kind of reality show", said another. When asked what they felt was best about the show one said "That it was filmed right here in San Diego". Many others answered with "The beautiful girls". "Good concept - bust the "O.C." and "The Hills"!! - Ashley I. wrote.

The exclusive premiere event had a dual function; the spotlight was shared with a local charity, Photo Charity (http://photocharity.org ), which is devoted to helping the homeless youth of San Diego. Part of the show actually shows Jim helping the homeless. "...Giving away money is genuinely generous of that man", somebody said. Jim matched the contributions made to charity that night.

When asked if asked if they would watch the show if it was aired on television, most said "YES!"

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