Faith Lutheran College Receives Recognition for Being One of the Safe Schools of the Community

Faith Lutheran College offers students a safe and protected premise to study.

Online PR News – 12-May-2016 – Queensland – Faith Lutheran College established on the grounds of instilling knowledge from the teachings of the Bible to students of all ages, from prep to Grade 11. The college aims to provide all of its students with a variety of learning opportunities derived from Christian values. The institution provides students with a safe learning environment to nurture their inner talents and help them become one with the God’s Word.

The Goal to Become a Better Person

The institution focuses on enriching each student’s life with God’s Word. The instructors, through worship, help each student develop Christian values, relationships, and attitudes. The institution has given the instructors the task to develop an assortment of different activities to instil students with a desire to learn more about God and Christ’s message and stimulate their curiosity and interest to learn about what being a Christian signifies and how it dictates their life and goals.

An Encouraging Atmosphere

Faith Lutheran College, one of the prominent religious schools of the community, encourages students to recognize their God-given gifts with an aim to develop them. According to the institution’s spokesperson, “All our teachers share the same goal—to provide each student with an opportunity to develop mentally, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We create lessons that reinforce those five important growth areas.”

The spokesperson continued, “The backbone of our institution is our teachers who work on developing an atmosphere in which students value the ability to learn and exhibit a drive to excel in their studies. We do not signal out students who underperform in their studies either, as a unit we believe in recognizing each student’s honest effort to learn.”

The Safety of Students

Faith Lutheran College, one of the top religious schools in the area, focuses on providing students with a safe environment to grow and learn. The institution understands people’s safety concerns and they have taken measures to ease them. One way the institution has done that is by only adding additional bus routes if they do not provoke any safety concerns, which would place their students in harm’s way.

The spokesperson further stated, “The safety of our students is our primary concern. For this reason, we have enforced strict measures to provide our students with a safe learning environment. Parents interested in providing their children with a Christian-based learning experience can enrol their child in our school.”

About the Institution

Faith Lutheran College is a network of over 80 schools that are Christ-centred educational institutions. These schools serve the Redland City community and offer high quality education in all fields of study. The main focus of these schools and colleges is to ensure that every individual is nurtured and educated in a faith-based environment.

Contact Information

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