eRequester debuts a new website with Essential Packages to help visitors easily research its purchase order, AP automation, supply chain, and expense features.


eRequester updates its website with a new design and kicks off a new way for organizations to simplify the spend management selection process

eRequester launches its new website and debuts Essential Packages to simplify the spend management selection process. The new website delivers an updated design, improves the mobile experience and moves Essential Packages to the core navigation.

“We worked with many of our clients during the development of our Essential Packages and quickly realized an overwhelming need to simplify the process. Our development team scoured a lot of data to narrow down each of the packages and which add-on modules to bundle. In the end we aligned our development team with our web team to deliver a seamless experience from initial research to delivery.

We’re very excited to debut both our new website and Essential Packages together!”

Peter Glenn, eRequester Product Manager

eRequester’s Essential Packages were developed as the next logical step to make the spend management research and selection process easier. The eRequester team pulled from years of data and worked with current customers to define specific needs within the initial research phase. The data overwhelmingly pointed towards a core set of packages with critical eRequester features, like notifications and a robust approval workflow engine, and add-on module enhancements.

Organizations can now choose from Essential Packages that have the top requested add-on modules bundled together to serve common needs: Purchase Order, Expense Management and Supply Chain.

Tailored Solutions were developed to build on eRequester’s innovative foundation of providing a thorough discovery process. The process being replaced was developed over the 17 years that eRequester has been developing solutions, and stems from when the eProcurement industry was just becoming recognized as a necessary component of business system automation. Organizations were looking to improve compliance with the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act and at the same time provide automation and control tools to their procurement departments. The typical needs of a business back then were fairly simple compared to the fast-paced, increasingly globalized marketplace of today’s world.

Today’s needs are very intricate. The solution needs to match the needs of an organization, in some cases including multiple businesses and a global network of employees within one organization. eRequester understands this very well and has extended the discovery process to include a thorough Requirements Consultation to best match its top-rated features with the needs of the organization. The final package eRequester developed is the Tailored Solution. It helps organizations to understand the full capabilities of the core eRequester system and then customize their package based on their specific needs.

“The need for packages became very clear when we stepped back and looked at the data. We also had a lot of requests to keep our current discovery process in place. In the end, we created the Tailored Solution package that builds on our discovery process and takes it a step further by providing free Requirement Consultations to determine an organization’s exact spend management needs.

It’s very much like buying a car. Do you need a coupe, four-door sedan, minivan or SUV? Once that’s determined you need to look further at the individual needs of the customer to find the necessary features to create a winning purchase. eRequester does this and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Rob Maya, eRequester Customer Experience Manager

Explore eRequester’s new website and each bundle in-depth at

eRequester | Purchase Order
eRequester | Expense Management
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eRequester | Tailored Solution

About eRequester

eRequester web purchasing, AP automation, and expense management software, offers businesses essential functionality for managing corporate expenditures. This robust platform enhances productivity for core procurement and payment processes by streamlining requisition and authorization routing workflow. eRequester users can leverage accounting system master information to create purchase, expense, or receiving transactions, route them for approval using its flexible and powerful workflow engine, and post them directly to a number of integrated business systems including accounting systems by Sage, Microsoft, and many others.

eRequester is a certified Gold Partner of both Microsoft and Sage Software. eRequester is top rated by Gartner, an independent industry rating program, for ease-of-use, time-to-value, technology platform and customer satisfaction. eRequester is the trusted spend management system for over 700 companies and 50,000 users worldwide.

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