Oil Mist Hazard at a Steam Turbine successfully Resolved

Installation and commissioning of a FRANKE Filter Oil Mist Separator at the Finnish power plant Raahe has been successfully completed.

Online PR News – 11-May-2016 – Bad Salzdetfurth – This year in March the company FRANKE Filter carried out the installation of an oil mist separator at the steel plant in the Finnish city of Raahe.
Thanks to the special filtration method possible escape of oil mist at a new steam turbine has been prevented.

„The project began in 2014 and the unit was designed in close collaboration with the Russian turbine manufacturer Power Machines. Our result is a customized, individually designed solution”, says Mr Franke, General Director of the FRANKE Filter GmbH.

The installed oil mist separator filters exhaust air. The latter contains evaporated lube oil coming from turbine bearings. After filtration the exhaust air is clean and thus environment around the machine is not contaminated which is also in line with the stringent environmental standards in Finland. The filtered lube oil, without loss of additives, is led back into the lube oil system.The special challenge was in this case that seven bearings had to be vented simultaneously with one oil mist separator. Vacuum can be adjusted, however, separately at each bearing.

The steel plant obtains with this solution the following advantages:
1. Cost reduction as no lube oil is lost
2. Protection of environment as well as prevention of turbine hall contamination
3. Individually adjustable vacuum in the lube oil tank and in bearings
4. Individual solution, which is easy to monitor at one central point
5. Very little maintenance needed, life time is up to 3 years

FRANKE Filter Oil Mist Separators are installed worldwide. Each unit is designed individually according to customer specification. They provide clean air and high efficiency.Further information about the products can be found at: www.franke-filter.eu