New Haunted Attraction Coming Located Just North of Trimpers Rides in Downtown Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City Screams Haunted House is the next best haunted house in Maryland and a great Things To Do in Ocean City Maryland.

Online PR News – 11-May-2016 – Ocean City – Trimpers Rides are a must see amusement in Ocean City Maryland and have been for years. When you arrive in OC, one of the first things you have to do is hit the boardwalk and go to Trimpers! Just north of Timpers Rides is going to be a new haunted house called Ocean City Screams Haunted House and many are saying its going to be pretty amazing. This haunted house is a new amusement and one of the first new attractions to be added to downtown Ocean City Maryland just off the boardwalk in years.

Visit Trimpers Rides amusements for fun and excitement but then head to Ocean City Screams Haunted House for horror and the best haunted house in Maryland. There is a haunted house in this new mini amusement park zone and this haunted place is suppose to be an amazing scary boardwalk attraction.

“A visit to this haunted house is suppose to scare you to death and at the very least run shivers down your spine. If you’re visiting this Ocean City Haunted House then you better be prepared. Buy tickets online ahead of time and avoid the cash and credit lines at the Ocean City Screams haunted house”, said the new manager.

This property is designed and decorated to look like and old haunted house in the form of a barge that was lost off the shores of Ocean City Maryland. Wall panels and objects are near accurate and well done. There are numerous actors trained to scare and awaiting you to arrive. Trimpers Rides is still the mainstay entertainment that families must go and see but it sounds like adding Ocean City Screams Haunted House will soon be worth attending as the best haunted house in Ocean City and the best haunted house in Maryland. 

The artists maintain safe distance from visitors so that the visitors don’t get too scared to stay in the home. Similarly visitors are advised to watch the live show without going too close to the artists or the artwork. It is a show that you can enjoy to the full only when you are prepared to enjoy it.

“Don’t get afraid. Try maintaining calm but there is no stopping how good the haunt looks and the actors perform. These are paid professional actors that will escort you out the moment you want to quit. If you are scared and you want to come out of the haunted house just north of Trimpers Rides, you can.”

We’ve different themes for each of the rooms that leads you through the barge and scary venues and actors. Also the actors are dressed and practiced up to give each customer a live performance as they walk by.

Plan your visit in advance and book your tickets online. It is going to be a horrific experience and this haunt is not recommended for younger children - over 12 only. It is a show but it looks real and is very gory. The ghosts are actors but look and perform as though they are real. Located just north of the famous Trimpers Rides its worth going to see.