New Free Video Series Starts With Swimming Pool Cover Instruction

This new video library series has been launched and provides swimming pool owners a more effective way to maintain their swimming pools through the power of visual instructions. This video series kicks off with Swimming Pool Cover installation and will continue with all aspects of pool ownership and maintenance. These videos will show to all pool owners in detail giving them the how’s and why’s they should perform certain tasks. Small tricks from a company with 38 years field experience. Insights from professionals that have expertly service customer’s swimming pools.

Online PR News – 23-September-2009 – – For every swimming pool owner looking for valuable tips and effective information starting with Pool Cover installation tips, they can follow these easy instructional videos. Todd’s business partner and Co-Founder Steve Merillat long extensive background in the pool industry. “I want to take Steve’s and my swimming pool knowledge and help each and everyone of our customers with their swimming pools. A lot of these tricks and tips are not commonly done and will save them time and money. We started with Swimming Pool Cover installations because our customers have told they needed this help the most. This is the start of a long extensive video library to help our customers.” plans to increase and update their video series into all aspects of maintenance including product technical instructions and reviews. “I see the complexity and vagueness of a lot of owners manuals, so I feel visual instructions will really bring value to our customers. Swimming Pool Cover installation will just be the start.” Todd Daugherty states.

The video library is easy to get to via a link at the bottom of the home page identified as “Video Library (New!).”

With the combination of easy to follow visual instructions, Todd Daugherty wants to kick off the video series with swimming pool covers, focusing attention to help people understand, while saving time and money with the maintenance and use of their swimming pools. The team at wants to continually focus on helping their customers and feel this will bring their pool owner experiences to new levels.