Big New Detectable Trays Improve Safety and Efficiency

Detectamet’s new Metal and X-Ray detectable tray and lid will stack and fit on standard conveyors. A four colour choice supports HACCP coding systems

Online PR News – 10-May-2016 – York, UK – The special needs of an international confectionary manufacturer have meant that Detectamet’s latest product is the biggest injection moulded metal and x-ray detectable products it has made so far. Sean Smith, Detectamet’s Chairman recently told us “We always welcome our customers’ challenges to design and develop special detectable products to help them comply with good food safety practice, and we are particularly pleased with this new product because it will have wide applications throughout the food industry.”Detectamet was recently approached to make the special tray and lid set that would fit into the customers processing and handling system. “The specifications were challenging “Sean said “but using our existing standards as a starting point we were able to meet them completely, especially complying with safe contact with food regulations.”The design fits onto standard food factory conveyor systems and is tough yet lightweight and easy to handle. The combined lid and tray is 135 mm high (approx. 5”) and has a capacity of 0.03 cu. metres (1.06 cu. ft.) and weighs 2.3kg or just over 5lbs. The plastic materials fulfil the standards for safe contact with food (Regulation 10/2011 and 2002/72/EC) and the trays and lids are easy to clean. They can be sterilised in the regular tray washing systems used in the food industry.The lids and trays have matching slots allowing detectable plastic ties to be fitted to secure the contents so they can be moved to other process areas. “Our special customer needed colour coding to monitor the use of the trays and we are able to offer up to four colour options.” Sean explained “These sturdy trays are capable of resisting significant wear and tear but continuity is important and Detectamet will provide a rapid replacement service.”In addition to the regular choice of red, green, blue and yellow the trays and lids can be manufactured in a choice of five additional colours subject to order quantity.The risk of contamination is greatly reduced by the detectability of the plastic which is visible to standard Metal and X-Ray inspection systems. Users of these detectable products are demonstrating that they are actively reducing the risk of physical contamination and third party inspectors of Global Food Safety standards value such continuous risk reduction systems. “This new product has attracted a great deal of positive comment at three recent exhibitions and we are looking forward to its growing success” Sean concluded.“This new product has attracted a great deal of positive comment at three recent exhibitions and we are looking forward to its growing success” Sean concluded. “We were asked if they could be used our new detectable polythene liners that are available in a variety of sizes, and some enquiries were made for the non-detectable versions of the stackable lids and boxes that are also available.” For more information contact Sean.Smith at