Antigua Real Estate Attracts Lot of People Due to International Awareness

International Real Estate Listings.Com Creates Immense Public Awareness in Antigua Real Estate Market – Local and Overseas Real Estate Proprietors, Developers and Brokers Flocking to Antigua New Website to Profit from International Exposure Prospects.

Online PR News – 13-October-2010 – – St. John’s, Antigua -- The opening of the international real estate website, International Real Estate, has produced a terrific amount of interest and awareness among those working out deals on real estate in Antigua( Proprietors of holdings who want to trade them at substantial return, real estate developers, and brokers have been touring the website in abundance. The major reasons for this unique multiple visits to the individual listings of the international real estate for sale site are the unavailability of middlemen, transferring multiple photos and videos of the belongings, and the global acknowledgment to the listings in considerably short time period.

Antigua is an island located in the West of Leeward Islands in the Caribbean region. It is the main island of the region of Barbuda. It is the largest and the most developed island due to its offshore banking industry, upscale Tourism industry, and Internet Gambling services. People of Antigua earn chiefly from tourism.

Even though ample capacity is present in the domain of real estate in Antigua for trade, the Antigua real estate market potential has not been completely or properly utilized by local and international real estate investors and agents. Mr. Taylor White PhD, who had developed to mitigate the linguistic and cultural hindrances and support people list and trade their holdings in the international market, believed it was the proper time to penetrate in the Antigua real estate listings( He outlined the salient points of his new Antigua website.

1. With International Real Estate it is very easy to open an account within 30 seconds. No investigation about personal information or credit card particulars is done, providing complete protection to those listing on the site.

2. When property is recorded in the site, it is activated as a Basic Listing for duration of six months. When the record had been activated, the account holder can opt for emailing the details to all those who are interested in receiving Antigua real estate listings through the Free Property Alert tool.

3. After launching the account, the user can share infinite number of Antigua real estate listings in the same account. It does not make any difference if you have Antigua rentals, Antigua real estate for sale, or Antigua real estate for exchange. Each account can have extensive record of the possessions featured in the listings.

4. Moreover, the lister can select to position the property on the Free Weekly Hot Sheet sent to all opt-in subscribers internationally, looking for exclusive and recent real estate listings in every country.

5. When the Antigua property listing is initiated, it is then positioned on the International Real Estate Listings on Twitter and Facebook pages at no extra cost.

6. A custom-made pamphlet is then placed on Antigua Craig’s List without additional charges.

7. Depending on where your property is situated, it is immediately displayed in social bookmarking sites such as Vast, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, Backpage, Oodle, etc., free of cost.

8. If the assessor desires for an even higher revelation of his Antigua real estate, he can enhance the listing to be posted in the sections of Premium Properties, Featured Properties, and Exclusive Properties, optimizing the odds of the possessions being sold or substituted in the minimum desirable time. This advancement can be done free of cost, subject to definite circumstances.

9. On the mailing list of the site that contains thousands of real estate agents, the lister can have the Antigua real estate positioned on a formal emailer. This will ensure that all the real estate investors will be notified by an email related to the real estate.

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International Real Estate is emerging as the leading administrator in international real estate and international property listings. The efforts of Mr. White in removing international barriers are bearing fruit and the Antigua real estate website is another feather in his cap. The account holders of this website get the FREE 20-page report on international real estate information and actual property dealings of the past and present members of the website. For more details, you can visit

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