Am-Finn Sauna Replaces the Outdated Traditional Steam Rooms with Advanced Hybrid Steam Room

Am-Finn provides sauna design-build and installation services to health clubs, gyms and fitness industry. We supply steam room products and accessories.

Online PR News – 10-May-2016 – Eagle, Idaho – Meridian, ID: Am-Finn Sauna & Steam is a sauna and steam room manufacturer and installer in Idaho. The manufacturer and the installer announced that they have replaced the outdated traditional tile sauna rooms with lavish and advanced sauna rooms which require absolutely no or low maintenance.

The President of Am-Finn Sauna & Steam said that the sauna company developed the advanced hybrid traditional rooms to help health club having saunas overcome the challenges that the traditional style of steam bath brings in. The advanced hybrid steam room would be a good decision to go for for all the health clubs as it has an automatic cleaning system which helps in keeping the room clean and sanitized that too on the daily basis. There is no need to use the harsh chemicals to clean the steam room now. The owners of sauna steam rooms can use adopt this environment friendly technique. The advanced steam rooms require low maintenance; will have a regular flow of water and electricity.

Am-Finn is looking forward to see the continuous growth of their advanced hybrid steam rooms as many architects, contractors and health clubs can derive numerous benefits from such kind of low maintenance and environment friendly rooms.

Benefits of the Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms:
1. The advanced hybrid rooms are power efficient and use only 30%-50% of electricity as compared to the traditional tile rooms.
2. No harsh chemicals are used for the cleaning of the sauna and steam rooms
3. The rooms require low maintenance
4. Regular cleaning is not required due to the automatic cleaning system.
5. There is no need for daily bleaching.
6. The advanced hybrid rooms do not require mortors, tiles, grout or sealer.

About Am-Finn: Since 1962, Am-Finn is the leading manufacturer and installer of sauna and steam rooms in the whole America. It was established in 1962 by Amish Craftsmen. This sauna company is the preferred vendor for all types of gyms looking forward to install sauna and steam rooms. They supply the best electric and sauna heaters available. They are the only manufacturers and installers of sauna and steam rooms who have received GSA certification from the US government. In the commercial steam and sauna industry, they are credited with many first inventions in this field. They were the first to produce the gas-fired sauna heater. They were the first to invent the electric heater with solid pan design. They were also the first to produce the advanced hybrid steam rooms. Great companies are led by great employees and this is what goes for Am-Finn too. They hire the experts and professionals for the manufacturing and the installation of the sauna and steam rooms. They take their environment friendly responsibilities very seriously. They always produce the products and the heaters which are power efficient and require minimum electricity. They are also proud to have joined hands with Salvation Army.