Increase in Workforce Training Leads to Increase in Employee Productivity

WebinarJEO, the most complete webinar software, launches May 30th 2016 to help exponentially increase employee productivity.

Online PR News – 09-May-2016 – Melbourne, AU – Recent studies show that about 7 out of 10 employees in modern workplaces are disengaged. This means only 30% of a company’s workforce are performing well and contributing to the growth of the business. With the competition fierce no matter the industry, businesses can’t afford to have the majority of their employees indifferent and uninvolved in the goals and vision of the brand.

Constant and consistent feedback and training are some of the best ways of coaxing workers into being more contributive. Research has revealed that a ten percent increase in workforce training results in 8.6 increase in employee productivity. Not only that, a company’s dedication to developing and educating their employees fosters loyalty and helps retain productive workers more than any monetary compensation ever could.

The main objections most companies have, however, against conducting regular seminars and other educational conferences for their employees are the cost and logistics involved. These are valid concerns which should be weighed against the benefits of more engaged workers and a more productive manpower.

Fortunately, with the innovation in modern technology, there’s no need to pick one over the other – cost vs productivity. With multiple webinar platforms available, doing group trainings doesn’t have to be financially demanding to a business.

Webinar systems are designed with training and seminars in mind. An advanced program can host unlimited attendees in one session with screen sharing options, whiteboard capabilities, and analytics to measure viewer engagement. Polls and surveys can also be included into the session itself to enhance participation with the audience.

Services like WebinarJEO are designed to make collaboration and trainings more efficient and productive. The platform combines top of the line broadcast capabilities with effective marketing tools. Companies can use the system to conduct unlimited cross training sessions, departmental and interdepartmental meetings, and even casual brainstorming conferences between employees from different locations all over the world.

Webinars can also be used to boost a company’s marketing and sales efforts. Considered as the most effective content marketing tool when it comes to conversions, webinars help businesses qualify more targeted leads and convert more prospects. They also help build authority no matter the brand and industry.

Employee skills enhancement and customer product education are two of the most important factors that set leading companies apart from their competition. WebinarJEO offers the most complete system with the capabilities to host unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees so brands don’t have to restrict growth of its current employees or the potential for more progress in their marketing.