Local IT Company brings the Cloud to Katy

Impress Computers, a local company in the Katy area, leads the field in the new Cloud Computing industry.

Online PR News – 06-May-2016 – Katy, TX – All over the world, medical practices and ordinary businesses are starting to convert their servers from local set-ups to off-site virtualizations. The technology behind it requires dedicated machines and mountains of technology, but ultimately comes together to provide a much more powerful and uniquely scalable solution compared to traditional hardware. In the past, this level of technology has only been available to giant fortune 500 companies. Impress Computers, a local IT company in the Katy area, has become a front runner in the Houston IT industry as they make the cloud affordable and easy to utilize for local businesses.

Most people have no idea what the cloud actually is. Is it something floating out in space? Is it just a place to back-up photos from a phone? The cloud is a very loose term, but it refers to the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data. This enables a large amount of utility, creating an environment that can be used for everything from a simple off-site backup to a completely virtualized server. This provides several advantages over traditional in-house servers or backups.

One of the primary benefits of going cloud is scalability. Purchasing a server or NAS backup drive to physically place on-site requires a fairly large initial investment and ties the customer to that hardware for years to come. When going with a cloud environment, the client is able to select exactly what they need at a monthly cost. There’s no initial investment, and the client is always able to adjust the hardware to suit their business demands. If they experience growth and need more processing power, more memory, and more storage space, all they have to do is add on a little more to their monthly cost and have the cloud company allocate them more resources. If they had a physical server on-site, they would have to purchase a completely new server and invest thousands of upfront dollars. This also works in the case of enterprise level server software. If the customer needs to upgrade to the newest software on the market, all they have to do is contact their cloud provider and add a few bucks to their monthly bill to allocate the software. With the machine on-site, they would have to purchase their own license for the software that can run in the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Another significant benefit of going cloud is the protection against downtime that it provides. In a normal environment, an entire business will come screeching to a halt immediately when something as simple as a hard drive crash craters their server. The business then has to scramble to find a replacement drive, get the right software installed, and hope that their backup was working correctly. This results in an extended time frame through which the company is unable to operate, losing at minimum a day’s worth of work and causing a high stress environment as the company plays catchup over the following week. If the same event were to happen in a cloud based environment, the cloud company would merely re-allocate resources to a different server while they fix the problem, resulting in no downtime and no repair expenses on the part of the client. No disruption, no surprises, and importantly, no stress.

In the past, this level of technology has only been available to fortune 500 companies that could afford to host their own cloud. However, as the IT world moves forward, companies like Impress Computers are leading the charge in bringing full cloud support to local businesses. Their five-star customer service, reliable staff, and affordable pricing has placed them at the forefront of the market and will continue to do so long into the future.

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