Local Entrepreneurs Provide a Valuable Resource for Local Residents across the Grey-Bruce Counties, Ontario through Free Community Classifieds.

BoogiBoard.com, a local online community of Buyers and Sellers, provides resources for local area residents to connect, advertise and exchange items of value through a feature-rich, free community classifieds.

Online PR News – 23-September-2009 – – South Western Ontario, September 21, 2009 – As record numbers of local residents are facing minimal employment opportunities and the crunch of an economic crisis, those who are entrepreneurial minded are leaving traditional employment and establishing their own small businesses. With a reduced family income, as is currently common in many Grey-Bruce households, the demand for alternative resources and support is increasing. In an effort to provide an asset to the general public within the community and also accommodate small businesses with a tool to help them succeed in a competitive environment, David Winn of Gallery Cards, and Jason Eke of the E-Marketing Agency founded an online website called BoogiBoard.com.
A simple idea, conceived by the two entrepreneurs, has quickly grown into the premiere website: BoogiBoard.com. The founders, two very creative and competitive business owners knew the intrinsic value of marketing, networking and promotion, and realized a gap in the existing services offered in the community.
After several months of planning and researching, the two had come up with an outline that would become their marketing plan. In early September, the website www.BoogiBoard.com went live and online, with it’s official launch not scheduled until October, 2009. By the end of their second week of operation in September, the Grey-Bruce Free Community Classifieds had grown to more than sixty-five registered sellers, with well over 100 free classified Ads, and had already reached over 1440 website visitors, the online structure for the partner’s classifieds website was well underway.
The purpose was to create a simple site where both, local residents and business owners can network, advertise their goods or services, and develop reputations and relationships. To take full advantage of the site’s features, once registered, members can complete a Seller Profile, link back to their own website, post events, services and items for sale complete with photos, location maps and even stream video virtual tours. Whether visitors are registered and logged-in, or not, they leave comments for Sellers on Ad pages. Or, make a private email connection, right through the BoogiBoard operating system. Both Winn and Eke hope BoogiBoard.com will evolve and support communities across Ontario.
“We’re two very creative and competitively minded people, we wanted to be able to promote and sell online, expanding on the social and community aspects of online classifieds sites, and be a part of innovative new marketplace,” says Winn. Eke adds “We wanted to provide a crisp, attractive online marketplace. I personally wanted to provide a site that was easy to navigate that would be freely available to our community. I also wanted to be able to promote my business to the community at large, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune doing all of this, I think that BoogiBoard offers this.”
After only a couple days of having his classified Ad running on BoogiBoard, Woodlot Management Business owner, Lee Thurston says of his free listing, “I can’t believe how many responses I have had in not even 24 hours, great stuff.”
The low cost of using the site is one of the primary objectives for BoogiBoard.com, because both Winn, and Eke want to provide a community resource and not limit the features available to members no matter how small their budget. Winn says, “I found that other online classified sites had some of the features that I liked, but were priced to high for something as simple as including a link back to my own website.”
The success of the classifieds will come from the contribution of its users by adding a free classified Ad and then sharing their Ads with their friends through social media like Facebook. BoogiBoard founders have built in a simple interface to allow this to happen with a single click. As time goes on, registered users will develop their Seller Profiles, develop their online reputation, promote their goods or services, get to know each other better, share and spread the word, and create a valuable local resource.