Xwerks Announces Improvements to Ignite Pre-Workout Formula

Xwerks amends Ignite product to improve flavors and performance

Online PR News – 06-May-2016 – Lakewood Ranch, FL – Industry leading science-based sports supplement manufacturer Xwerks announces the launch of their newly updated pre-workout product, Ignite. Product enhancements include ingredient adjustments to enhance performance, improved orange and green apple flavors, as well as a new flavor: Blue Razz.

“We are excited to announce the new enhancements of the Ignite product line,” said Xwerks Representative Jeff Montgomery. “We consistently conduct research on the ingredients we use in all of the products we offer. When we find new studies and research indicating that our formulas are outdated or could be improved upon, we act quickly to provide our customers with the highest quality, science-based products available on the market,” he adds.

The new improvements to the Ignite product formula include flavor enhancements to the two previously available flavors, Orange Ignite, and Green Apple Ignite. Additionally, the company announces a new flavor with their product enhancements: Blue Razz. According to current Blue Razz Ignite users, the flavor tastes “just like blue raspberry. It is delicious!”

In addition to the flavor enhancements and new flavor added to the Ignite product line, the company also vastly improved two key ingredients found in the product’s formula: Rhodiola Rosa and CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine. “In 2015, we conducted extensive research on the Rhodiola Rosea and beta-alanine ingredients used in the Ignite product line and found that the amount of Rhodiola Rosea we were previously using was, in fact, too much,” says Mr. Montgomery. Rhodiola Rosa is a herb that has been found to promote physical and cognitive endurance and help reduce stress and fatigue. “The term ‘less is more’ definitely applies here. According to our research, this particular ingredient has a ‘sweet spot’… a point of optimal performance, especially when used as a sports supplement. Previously, our formula used 1,000mg of Rhodiola. After more extensive research, we found that 500mg is the recommended amount of this adaptogen for optimal performance.”

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Xwerks is the premier manufacturer of science-based sports supplement products. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has prided themselves on providing high-quality, scientifically proven, naturally made workout products used by thousands of professional athletes, CrossFit, and Olympic trainers worldwide. Products can be purchased online or at select quality distributors.

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