Rise Of The Beast first installment of a new 5-book series by M.K. Gilroy

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Online PR News – 06-May-2016 – Franklin, TN – Rise of the Beast is an international action thriller set on the brink of a man-made Apocalypse. Written by bestselling author, M.K. Gilroy, Rise of the Beast follows Jonathan Alexander—an agnostic billionaire who declare she will be the Beast—through a series of brilliant schemes to rid the earth of 5 billion inhabitants. No longer will he sit idly by as the world chokes on the waste, ignorance, poverty, and brutality of overpopulation:

“I will do what all others fear to do. I will rise from the sea. I will ride the blood red horse of the Apocalypse. I will be the Beast who destroys the world in order to save it."

Rise of the Beast is the first of a proposed 5-book series, The Patmos Conspiracy.

"I hope all the elements of an international thriller are present in Rise of the Beast,” said Mark “M.K.” Gilroy. “For those who think Alexander’s aspirations of killing 5 billion people are too far-fetched to be believable, a careful look at the science is chilling. Then watch how he manipulates people to pay for and sometimes serve as their own executioners. This narcissistic megalomaniac does have keen insights on how to jumpstart deadly passions and action."

Mark M.K. Gilroy is author of the #1 bestselling Kristen Conner Mystery Series. He is a veteran publishing executive who has acquired, developed, authored, and ghostwritten numerous books that have sold millions of copies and landed on various bestseller lists.

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