Online PR News – 06-May-2016 – Reno, Nevada – The landscape of sleep science is undergoing a tectonic shift and it’s about time! With an estimated 90% of Americans with sleep apnea being undiagnosed and untreated, what is the driving force behind this much-needed evolution?

An organization called... the International Academy of Sleep.

Rooted in the foundations of the tireless work done by the world’s biggest and most respected names in Dental Sleep Medicine, the International Academy of Sleep (“IAOS”) is a global initiative designed to bring together the dentists who currently treat Sleep Breathing Disorders and to encourage thousands more to join the ranks of these brave soldiers. It is also the keen focus of this organization to wake up a slumbering nation and world:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a health crisis and there is much work to be done about it.

The way the IAOS achieve these goals is through the facilitation, nurturing and expansion of a global network of dentists who are qualified and engaged in Dental Sleep Medicine. How do they plan to do this? Through the education, engagement and empowerment of dentists, physicians, and the general public.


• FREE Educational Webinars every Wednesday at 5:00 PM PST. These 1-hour webinars provide a sweeping overview of the science of sleep apnea. The IAOS webinars are presented by a panel of highly qualified instructors, all of who are Masters members of the IAOS program and all of who run very successful Dental Sleep Practices.

• Coming Soon... Sleep Practice Profit Masters: An online educational system, which provides current Masters, as well as new members, with a FULL A-Z course in the science, business and art of Dental Sleep Medicine. This engaging online course contains everything attendees need to know to launch a successful dental sleep practice and start bringing in 50+ oral appliance patients every month.

• New Website for Patients: Just as important as it is to educate and empower more dentists to start screening and treating sleep apnea, so too is it crucial to increase public awareness of this health crisis. If more people understood the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea – and the fact that they can seek treatment from their dentists – the statistics would certainly improve! And so, the IAOS is building a brand new website designed specifically to educate the general public and increase awareness of Sleep Breathing Disorders. This website will also make it easy for patients to connect with IAOS members, all of who are passionate about Dental Sleep Medicine.


• Quarterly Live Seminars, the next one of which will be held in Austin TX from Friday, June 24th – Sunday, June 26th, 2016. The IAOS seminars are unlike anything currently available in the educational realm of Dental Sleep Medicine. The focus is not only to teach dentists the science behind sleep apnea and its treatment, but also the step-by-step business and art involved in setting up and running a highly successful and lucrative sleep practice.

• Quarterly Retreats in gorgeous destinations and venues where all Masters members can gather, socialize, network, collaborate and share their knowledge with each other. The IAOS team recognizes the investment of its Masters members and strives to reward this with, amongst many other benefits, quarterly retreats that are highly engaging, efficiently run and an exquisite and luxurious break from the daily grind!


• Member Forum: One of the greatest benefits of the Masters Program is the networking opportunity it makes available. The new IAOS Member Forum will be a highly active, collaborative and fun way to stay in touch with other IAOS members and, of course, to get help, advice and encouragement from their Fantastic Leadership.

• Basic IAOS Membership: In an effort to cultivate a growing passion for Dental Sleep Medicine and encourage more dentists to join the Masters Program, the IAOS has put together a Basic Membership Package that provides members with the marketing firepower they need to promote their practices and make the transition to sleep. This Basic Membership also entitles dentists to participate in the Forum, to get discounts on Live Seminars and enjoy access to one free retreat per year.

• Coaching Calls: Pick up the phone and speak directly with one of the IAOS instructors, all of who are highly experienced and run very successful dental sleep practices. Learn from the best in the industry and get advice when you run into those obstacles, as all budding sleep dentists invariably do.

Through all these and more, the International Academy of Sleep strives to advance the field of Dental Sleep Medicine and CHANGE the lives of dentists and sleep apnea sufferers around the world. You can learn more about this incredible initiative by clicking on the links provided, or you can contact the IAOS directly via email at or via telephone at 866 754 0523.

About the International Academy of Sleep

It is the mission of the IAOS to educate, engage and empower people around the world: To educate and engage patients, physicians, and dentists and empower them to seek or provide diagnosis and treatment. Sleep apnea is a common condition and with our growing awareness of its connections with potentially fatal ailments, like heart disease, stroke risk, diabetes and hypertension, there is an urgent need to test for this condition in all medical healthcare offices

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