Version 2.2 of myE6B Calculator iPhone App Now Includes Robust Fuel Conversion Calculator

The latest of the popular e6B iPhone app now includes a convenient fuel conversion calculator as well as performance and accuracy enhancements designed to make flight calculations simpler.

Online PR News – 23-September-2009 – – FT. WORTH, TX – Version 2.2 of the popular myE6B iPhone app offers 4 new enhancements in the same sleek and simple-to-use format that has made the application so popular among pilots.

Version 2.2 of the E6B calculator proves to be even more robust with 4 new enhancements including:

• aviation fuel conversion calculator
• Ability to Email METAR reports
• More accurate formula for pressure related calculations
• More worldwide weather reporting stations

The original myE6B is a popular aviation E6B calculator that includes more than 75 calculations and unit conversions incorporated. The myE6B iPhone app also includes aviation weather reports and makes planning and navigating problems much easier to solve.

Designed and developed by a team of programmers and pilots at Modern Programming Inc., the online E6B, which sells for $7.99 through the Apple iTunes store, has become extremely popular among pilots, and quickly made the top 100 list for the navigation category on iTunes.

The new myE6B feature allows for easy fuel mass conversions -- a feature suggested by several myE6B customers. The new feature ensures easy conversion from pounds of fuel to gallons or liters. This is important as different countries have different systems of measurement and refueling can become tedious if a pilot is unable to calculate and convert the right amount of fuel required for their aircraft.

“Our goal is to listen closely to our customers requests for how to make flight calculations easier and to product the most robust aviation application on the market. MyE6B is the only fuel conversion calculator that takes the coefficient of thermal expansion into account -- and that's just one of the application's 78 aviation calculations,” said William DeWeese, founder of myE6B.

About E6B:
myE6B is an iPhone application designed for airplane and helicopter pilots to solve common time, speed, distance, fuel, wind and other E6B calculations quickly and easily. Created by a group of pilots and programmers at Modern Programming Inc., myE6B is one of the most popular E6B iPhone applications available on the market today.

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