CryoUSA Has Added Abilene, TX to Its Growing List of Whole Body Cryotherapy Installations

Dallas, TX—May 4th, 2016—CryoUSA℠ is pleased to add to its growing list of over 170 whole body cryotherapy installations across America.

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CryoUSA Is Pleased to Have Added Abilene, TX to Its Growing List of Whole Body Cryotherapy Installations

Dallas, TX—May 4th, 2016—CryoUSA℠, the world’s leader in providing whole body cryotherapy and a Proud Partner of the Dallas Cowboys™, is pleased to add to its growing list of over 170 whole body cryotherapy installations across America, which includes a unit in Abilene, TX.

“It’s thrilling to see the momentum whole body cryotherapy is gaining across the country,” said Mark Murdock, Managing Partner at CryoUSA. “It’s easy to understand why—whole body cryotherapy is the perfect modality for people of all fitness levels who want to reduce recovery times, push the boundaries of their fitness goals, and improve their overall wellness.”

CryoUSA installed a whole body cryotherapy unit in May 2015 at Cryo 360 in Abilene, TX.

Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars said to ESPN, “I've gotten addicted to cryotherapy. I stand in this tank, which goes down to like -184F; it goes up to your neck and you're just wearing underwear and socks. It jump-starts your nervous system. I'll do a morning skate at the rink, then I'll do cryotherapy in the chamber, come home, eat, and go to sleep until I have to get to the game. That's pretty much my game-day routine.”

CryoUSA, which was recently seen on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, and The Dr. Oz Show, was formed to provide active recovery and unmatched customer experience to anyone seeking to improve quality of life and enhance an active lifestyle. This is accomplished by continual and diligent research, testing, education, and discovery of the most innovative recovery technologies in the world. Offering revolutionary, whole body cryotherapy along with other leading recovery modalities, CryoUSA has set the industry standards for safety, equipment, and reliability. And while professional sports teams, the world’s most elite athletes, and celebrities have trusted CryoUSA as their provider in recovery, individuals can benefit through the 100+ whole body cryotherapy and recovery centers CryoUSA has helped launch across America.

Alberto Salazar, former marathon star and current head coach of the Oregon Project at Nike where CryoUSA has installed a cryochamber said, “Runners everywhere can now recover the same way the best in the world do. CryoUSA offers technology that allows for total-body recovery in just 3 minutes. I have incorporated it into the training regimen of my athletes and if you are serious about recovery then you should, too.”

Anyone wishing to experience how -240F can have a positive impact on their health and performance can visit to find a location where they can try whole body cryotherapy for themselves.

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CryoUSA is the established world leader in cryotherapy and recovery, providing unmatched expertise to numerous sports organizations. We are a Proud Partner of the Dallas Cowboys, SMU Athletics, and the Official Cryotherapy Provider of the Oregon Project at Nike and the Dallas Mavericks. Nine other NBA teams, Joe Gibbs Racing, and other NCAA teams have chosen CryoUSA as their cryotherapy equipment provider as well. In addition, we provide cryotherapy to athletes from USA Triathlon, USA Track and Field, MLB, UFC, the NHL and many others. Having installed over 160 cryotherapy units and helped start over 100 independent cryotherapy businesses nationwide, the experienced team members at CryoUSA are the go-to specialists in the recovery industry. Visit for location information, or for those wishing to learn more about the business of whole body cryotherapy and additional recovery modalities, visit

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