Mothers Day Gifts That Sparkle & Pop With Color: Fancy Colored Diamond Jewelry

This year and every year the mothers in your life all get a special day to feel appreciated. This year, give a Mother\'s Day gift of a fancy colored diamond.

Online PR News – 05-May-2016 – Calabasas, CA – This year and every year the mothers in your life – your own mother, wife, sister, grandmother, aunt, and friend, all get a special day to feel loved and appreciated. This year, gift her with a fancy colored diamond, a gift she will never forget.

A pink diamond necklace, a canary yellow diamond ring, a pair of champagne brown diamond earrings, or heart shape diamond stud earrings all are rare, special and one-of-a-kind gifts that she will cherish year after year.

You probably heard that Natural Fancy Color Diamonds usually cost more than colorless diamonds – why? Their rarity and constant demand is what makes natural fancy colored diamonds them so valuable. Supply is diminishing and as fewer top quality colored diamonds are mined year after year, investors, diamond collectors and enthusiasts are buying colored diamonds at alarming rates. These rare jewels are unique and one-of-a-kind are evaluated according to color intensity, color saturation, carat weight, clarity, cut and clarity, unique to each diamond.

Finally, there is a jewelry line of affordable natural fancy colored diamonds!

Raiman Rocks, a Los Angeles based wholesale fancy color diamond specialist, recently introduced an attainable, fashionably designed natural fancy colored diamond jewelry line that has pieces starting at under $1,000 dollars. The price-point was created based on consumer demand as many people are seeing colored diamonds in the news, celebrity blogs and in the media and want their own pop of color in their jewelry collection. These are the perfect diamond jewelry gifts for Mothers Day and other special occasions such as an engagement, anniversary, accomplishment or milestone.

When your retail jeweler works with wholesale companies such as Raiman Rocks Diamonds, you know you will receive the best prices, highest quality certified natural colored diamonds, and of course, the very best naturally colored diamond for your specific needs. Due to how rare these diamonds are, you need to make sure to purchase a fancy colored diamond from a credible jeweler or jewelry store that has access to high-quality, GIA certified colorless and natural fancy colored diamond jewelry.

These established retail jewelers will have the resources to source you the highest quality colorless and fancy colored diamonds from manufactures and designers that range in depth of color, diamond cut, design styles and price-points.

Fancy colored diamond jewelry is the Mothers Day gift that she has been waiting for – the gift the she will receive, love and have the opportunity to possibly one day, gift to another influential mother in her life.

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