Everlight Manufacturing Releases a New Range of LED Lighting Products

Everlight Manufacturing have brought in a change in the market with the release of the latest generation of LED lighting products.

Online PR News – 04-May-2016 – Zhuji,Zhejiang – Everlight Manufacturing, a leading provider of LED lights is presenting a new range of LED lighting products.

Everlight Manufacturing have brought in a change in the market with the release of the latest generation of LED lighting products. These new LED lights features the most energy efficient models, that all of these lights has a power of above 50 lumens/watt upto 180 lumens/watt, which the competition just can't compete with. Have a detailed look on the newly launched LED light products:

1) ELM-8215 Swivel Telescoping Worklight

• ELM-8215: SMD5050x10 (front, 160 lumens), 1W LED (top, 85 lumens)
• ELM-8215-1: 3W COBx1 (front, 200 lumens), 1W LED (top, 85 lumens)
• AAAx4 battery
• Swivel: the light head could be swiveled 90 degrees
• Telescoping: the light body could be extended to use as work light
• Magnetic base on bottom

2) ELM-8216 Swivel Telescoping Flashlight

• ELM-8216: white LEDx10 (front, 50 lumens.), 1W LEDx1 (top, 70 lumens)
• ELM-8216-1: SMD2835x8 (front, 100 lumens), 1W LEDx1 (top, 70 lumens)
• ELM-8216-2: 3W COBx1 (front, 180 lumens), 1W LEDx1 (top, 55 lumens)
• AAAx3 battery
• Magnetic base on bottom

3) ELM-8199 High Brightness Headlamp

• ELM-8199: 3W CREE LEDx1(120 lumens)
• Focusable, beam could be adjustable (spot/flood)
• There are 3 shifts: high brightness/ low brightness/ flashing, and a red light at back of headlamp is controlled by same switch. (the red light is to show the person obviously, like warning light)
• AAAx3 battery
• The light body could be swivel by 45 degrees

4) ELM-AL-005 Metal LED Penlight

• 3W COBx1+Red LED (shift 1:360 lumens, shift 2:120lumens, shift 3: red flashing)
• Magnetic base on bottom

Providing energy efficient LED lights is the main goal of Everlight Manufacturing. Thus, they leave no stone unturned to bring to their consumers a superior product when it comes to LED lighting solutions. If you want to know more about LED lights, please visit http://www.everlightmfg.com/. You can also make a call at
+86-15067526102 for any of your query.

About the company:

Everlight Manufacturing is one leading manufacturer of LED luminaries offering a wide variety of cordless LED work lights, magnetic work light, LED flashlight, pen light, LED pet light, indoor/ outdoor LED lights, LED vehicle lights and so on. They also offer a full range of affordable and excellent security electronics such as LED security lights, wireless doorbell, driveway alarms to make your home secure under control. With profound experience in LED lighting industry, Everlight Manufacturing consolidates its position as an established manufacturer in Plastic Electronics.