RFMicron Deploys Hermes IoT Smart Edge Platform For Battery-Free Smart Passive Sensors

Flexible, modular development platform enables cloud connectivity while delivering secure and reliable local processing data refinement

Online PR News – 03-May-2016 – Austin, TX – RFMicron, Inc. adds the Hermes™ smart edge IoT development platform, a wireless data aggregation and local processing platform, to its line of battery-free, wireless, Smart Passive Sensor™ portfolio. The Hermes smart edge IoT development platform simplifies connectivity with other IoT networks and alleviates the challenge of moving sensor data from difficult to reach areas into the cloud by taking a modular design approach to the industry’s most common communication interfaces. The scalable and local processing capabilities of the Hermes platform enables real time decisions, where they are needed, while enabling full access to the cloud for data management and business insights.

The rapid growth of IoT connectivity and cloud-based processing has bought great value to many industries, however, not without limitations and shortcomings. These issues are especially acute in industries that require real time processing and retrieval of data from hard to reach locations, such as is the case in patient care, mechanical plant predictive maintenance, industrial IoT and automotive applications. The Hermes smart edge platform is specifically designed to address the challenges.

The Hermes smart edge platform is built with flexibility in mind and an industry-standard Linux processor at its heart, decoupling the applications and processing software. The system ships with working example software that is ready to use out of the box, or easily modified to suit specific needs. Communication and peripheral components are built using a modular approach, where functions can be easily added or subtracted from the system. The platform features an integrated wireless reader module compliant with North American and European frequency standards used worldwide. The captured sensor data can be transferred either wirelessly (via Wi-Fi, ZigBee, RAIN compliant UHF, etc.) or using wireline infrastructure (via KNX, CAN, SPI, Ethernet, etc.).

“Smart Passive Sensors introduces a new paradigm shift in the way we sense our surroundings. Instead of loading IoT sensor nodes up with processing power, batteries and excess costs, RFMicron has taken a different approach. We’ve removed the battery while still retaining wireless connectivity and accuracy,” said Shahriar Rokhsaz, President and CEO of RFMicron. “Our Smart Passive Sensors together with our Hermes smart edge platform, constitute a turn key solution, sensing and connecting the un-connectable to move data into cloud and on to other IoT networks.

Each Hermes kit incorporates a collection of battery-free wireless Smart Passive Sensors from RFMicron, which measure temperature, moisture, pressure, or proximity. These very low-cost sensors and are Powered by Magnus® S2 and S3 integrated circuits from RFMicron.

The Hermes IoT Smart Edge Platform, and other RFMicron wireless Smart Passive Sensor evaluation kits, are immediately available directly from the RFMicron website at www.rfmicron.com or the Atlas RFID Store at www.atlasrfidstore.com.

• RFMicron’s Hermes IoT Smart Edge Platform can be purchased direct at www.rfmicron.com/hermes-iot-evaluation-platform

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About RFMicron
RFMicron is enabling deep business insights across a range of industries with a new class of wireless sensors to reduce operating costs and lower energy consumption. The RFMicron Smart Passive Sensors deliver wireless connectivity without the cost and bulk of batteries required for traditional IoT/IoE sensor nodes. Low-cost Smart Passive Sensors can be deployed in more places allowing the capture of more data. These sensors provide the economies of scale necessary to drive pervasive deployment into very high volume applications, e.g. for the automotive, construction, predictive maintenance and healthcare industries.

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