Ready Meals to Drive Chinese Processed Food Industry

The market for ready meals in China will grow at a CAGR of nearly 14% during 2010-2013, says RNCOS in its research report.

Online PR News – 13-October-2010 – – Our study “Chinese Processed Food Market Analysis” shows that the Chinese consumers have developed a great change in their food habits. As per our research report Chinese consumers have shown remarkable change in their food products demand. Due to this change, ready meals have become one of the highest growing segments of the Chinese processed food market. On the back of rising middle class population, we predict that the market for ready meals in China will grow at a CAGR of nearly 14% during 2010-2013. Our team of research analysts has studied the factors driving this growth. They have also found that today, growing numbers of urban consumers opt for ready meals rather than fresh food due to the various factors discussed in our report.

Our research shows that not only ready meals, other products of the processed food market have also showed positive growth, even in tough economic conditions. There was hardly any impact of financial crisis on the Chinese processed food market. We believe that in future also, the processed food market will remain on its positive growth path. Our team of experts has anticipated that processed food industry will get almost doubled by 2013 in comparison to 2011.

Our research analysts have also anticipated that the availability of processed food products will improve as modern food-retailing formats are looking beyond Tier-1 cities and expanding their operations into other cities to meet the rising demand from more affluent consumers. To exploit opportunities, many local processed food producers have already started focusing on making processed food for domestic sales.

Chinese youth is now more conscious about their health and prefer to eat nutritious food. With this shift towards health consciousness, many Chinese food manufacture companies are focussing on launching health food products into the market. We have also found that international companies are adopting new strategies to expand their market and to keep their profit margins high.

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