Radicura Enterprises Revolutionize Snooker & Pool Cues

The almost unbreakable snooker and pool Cue Stick available now direct from India - Zero Wood Used

Online PR News – 04-May-2016 – Haryana, India – Snooker cues have traditionally always been made of wood, and although these cues are still very much the cue of choice, they are not everlasting. Wooden snooker and pool cues tend to wear out after a few years and people who use them are left with the option of either repairing it, which is extremely expensive, or scrapping it, and getting a new snooker cue. Radicura Enterprises has revolutionized the snooker cue making it long lasting, stylish and a class within itself. (India – April, 29 2016) –
Radicura supplies some of the best snooker and pool cues in the industry made sans wood. These cues are crafted using fibreglass which makes them durable and very long lasting. These cue sticks are a multi weight, meaning they can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. There are also a number of colour options available for these snooker and pool cues which makes them very stylish and appealing. Multiple players can now own different coloured cue sticks which can be adjusted to their preference. These cue sticks have been the new talk in town and a large number of snooker and American pool lovers are looking forward to get their hands on them. These snooker and pool cues are made of a special material known as graphix which provides the best delivery and performance in the game of snooker and pool. Players who have used these cue sticks confirm that they are a lot better as compared to the wooden option which is widely available in the market. The best thing about owning a graphix cue stick is that it is not prone to damage as easily as the wooden alternatives. These cue sticks can be stored under any weather conditions and they will still play the same. Wooden cue sticks on the other hand tend to wear out in different weather conditions and humidity can spoil these wooden cue sticks within a matter of months. Graphix snooker and pool cues are warp resistant; they also tend to lower the vibration on the table which enables players to get the better shot. These cue sticks are superior in comparison to wooden cue sticks on every level and are a great investment. Players who own a graphix cue stick do not need to worry about replacing them, looked after, they will last almost forever.