ERP Developer CloudyBoss Creates Bold Start-Up Accelerator Initiative; Sights "Stop Chasing Unicorns

Chasing the mythical unicorn has never been more futile. The fact is that most businesses are facing the more pressing issue of the Millennial Cliff

Online PR News – 03-May-2016 – Sydney, Australia – Chasing the mythical unicorn - that rare start-up that skyrockets to over $1bn in value - has never been more futile. It's not just a matter of tiny odds, in fact only 0.5% of start-ups achieve this, it's the fact that most businesses are facing the more pressing issue of the Millennial Cliff – a workforce full of young talent that all want to pursue their own thing.

Boundary breaking ERP developer, cloudyBoss has revealed a solution for organisations that is more akin to the gentle art of Judo – an innovative corporate start-up accelerator and organisational transformation (OT) program that like Judo emphasises the principles of "maximum efficiency and mutual benefit".

"With millennials in the workforce many organisations are suffering from a revolving door of loss of talent" said cloudyBoss CEO Lou Schillaci. "Millennials leave in search of new opportunities, often founding start-ups that do not succeed. The cloudyBoss OT program provides a platform of training and a part-time retention program that fulfils the Millennials' need for freedom whilst securing a long term connection with the organisation."

Equally the OT program encourages across-the-board start-ups, rather than the old competitive knock-out match, pitting one start-up against another.

Training and mentoring with real-world entrepreneurs is a feature of the OT program which encourages organisations to take a cross-generational approach to nurturing talent, experience and resources.

"The business environment has never been so complex," stated Schillaci. "Disruption is a certainty. However as we've rolled out this program across various vertical markets, we've compiled some interesting research that show the OT program equips organisations for disruption and in many cases reverses its effects."

The research shows that a well-conducted start-up program for staff provides a better trained and resourced team. As the workforce is essentially larger, because of the greater number of part-time workers, there are increased labour cost efficiencies of 15% or more. Added to that, there is a 25% decrease in workforce attrition across all generational sectors.

"What OT Program clients particularly comment on," Schillaci stated, "is that their organisation is more resilient and has a built-in succession management mechanism for mission critical roles"

The corporate world is littered with examples of lay-offs and closures directly related to the pervasive issues of millennial attrition, generational divides and productivity gaps. The negative effects of drastic cut-back programs, in terms of marketplace stigma and staff morale, are often catastrophic for a business. It doesn't take much bad press to drive customers and suppliers to forge new alliances.

cloudyBoss' case study shows retention, training, and responding to the changing demands of the workforce is by far the preferred option and those currently involved in the OT program report a persistent long-term boost of nearly 30% in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The cloudyBoss OT program is about harnessing all of an organisation's changing dynamics and turning them into a powerful multi-dimensional growth engine. The program is customised to suit the specific context of each organisation and is supported by ongoing training, coaching and mentoring at a managerial level.

cloudyBoss is a leading global enterprise management provider that offers affordable solutions to a wide range of industry verticals. In fact a pay-back time of 90 days or less is typical for most organisations that have deployed the cloudyBoss Organisational Transformation (OT) program.

It has set a number of industry benchmarks for its OT program and its other cloud-based enterprise management offerings that combat organisational disruption.

For more information about the cloudyBoss OT program and its other enterprise management solutions contact CEO, Lou Schillaci.


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