WeeTect Introduces Refrigerator, Window Film With Permanent Anti-fog

WeeTect refrigerator window films with permanent anti-fog property is now available for both product distributors and resellers.

Online PR News – 03-May-2016 – Shanghai – WeeTect refrigerator window films with permanent anti-fog property is now available for both product distributors and resellers. It is one of the first products formulated to provide permanent anti-fog solution. Fog is a major problem brought about by changes in humidity and temperature. This is a common phenomenon on refrigerator windows.

“The anti-fog technology has been advancing over the last decade. WeeTect team is happy to introduce a permanent anti-fog film, which is a cutting edge technology that aims to solve the fogging problem permanently,” said Taylor Lei, WeeTect product manager.

WeeTect uses the latest technology to manufacture refrigerator window film with permanent anti-fog properties. It is basically manufacture from a soft plastic with anti-fog ingredients.

Being a premier manufacturer of permanent anti-fog films for ODM and OEM, WeeTect has been focusing on solutions that are trusted and reliable. This is a multi-purpose film that can be used on windows, shower mirrors, windshield and refrigerator windows.

The film combines superior anti-fog performance (>100s) and impact resistant property. It can retain anti-fog properties for a long period of time and can be used in different environments –both hot and cold.

Other properties of WeeTect anti-fog film include:

1.Resistance to aging
2.Outstanding optical clarity
3.High tensile and elongation strength
4.Temperature range vary between -30°C and 80°C

Benefits of WeeTect anti-fog film

WeeTect’s new anti-fog film guarantees the following key benefits:

1.Energy efficiency of refrigerator window

Laboratory tests have proved that, refrigerator users will not spend money on heaters since these films eliminate fog completely. This reduces energy consumption and wear & tear of compressors. WeeTect team has established that one can save an average of 2.2USD per refrigerator door per day.

2.Increase merchandise sales

Both anti-fog and anti-scratch properties provide constant clarity. According to a survey conducted by WeeTect team; customers are likely to buy products they can see clearly through the refrigerator doors. On average, it can increase merchandise sales by about 60%. Customers interviewed revealed that clear windows is likely to increase impulse buying. This benefits the merchandise stores.

3.A good branding tool

WeeTect anti-fog film can be customized to communicate specific information about a brand. They can be printed digitally for in-house branding. It is likely to increase sales.

“Anti-fog films products distributors and resellers can now import these anti-fog films directly from our main factory in China. We have amazing offers for them depending on the quantity they order.” said Sunny, WeeTect marketing manager. “The good thing about WeeTect anti-fog films is a full product replacement warranty and we employ the best technology to solve fogging problem. This is irrespective of how susceptible a refrigerator window may be susceptible to fogging.”

WeeTect anti-fog film for refrigerator, windows is highly recommended for both commercial and home applications.

For more info , please visit : http://www.weetect.com/tint-film/anti-fog-film/

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