Jaaz launches reservation of web sites with 50 Euro bonus

Jaaz company has launched a service to register a web site with bonus of 50 Euro.

Online PR News – 03-May-2016 – Warsaw – The free of charge web hosting will be provided as part of company upcoming Free Edition of Jaaz Portal. The product should be launched in September 2016 but beta test program will be available since July 2016 for everyone that reserves a place early.

Jaaz Portal is highly integrated web hosting and portal solution for average unskilled user of social networks. It will be available in three editions: Personal, Community and Business. Edition accomplished be the Free Edition.

The users will receive advanced service with easy to use Internet wizard and web console to create and manage their web sites with web browser. Each Edition will come with preset of flexible components dedicated to personal, community of business use.

You can reserve You website here: http://portal.jaaz.eu/portal/product/reserve

About Us

Jaaz Company has been founded in 1998 in Warsaw, Poland. Since it start it is providing IT expertise and consulting services for variety of clients. In February 2016 we had started work on Jaaz Portal that will become flagship product of our company.