New Upgrades Boost Performance of Print Head Doctor Machines

New upgrades on the Print Head Doctor machines by Digital Sign Technologies Inc. increase flexibility and customization of print head cleaning.

Online PR News – 02-May-2016 – Mississauga, Ontario – The new Print Head Doctor 13 is the latest model in the line of “Connected PHD” print head cleaning machines that can be controlled from an Android smartphone or a tablet. Currently available on Google Play, the app connects to the PHD machines via Bluetooth and allows complete remote control of all machine functions, diagnostics, and creation of customized cleaning cycles. It also allows taking pictures of the print head condition and saves the print head cleaning progress log into the cloud for easy access by the users.

Now the creators of Print Head Doctor are releasing new upgrades to improve the user experience. Print Head Doctor 11, 12 and 13 are now available with optional high-performance pumps made by the world leader in diaphragm pumps KNF Neuberger, Switzerland. The new pumps increase the flow rate and the maximum pressure of the system, allowing a more efficient print head cleaning. The pumps are extremely reliable and chemically tolerant, with the life expectancy of several years.

Furthermore, a 75 kHz ultrasonic tank upgrade is available with a higher sonic frequency that will not damage even the most sensitive print heads while cleaning. With programmable output power from 12-50 Watts, it gives the user a finer control over the amount of ultrasound delivered to the print head. Using Print Head Doctor machines can users save thousands of dollars associated with print head cleaning and replacement fees.