Pamoja Wildlife Experience Offering Tailor-Made 4 Day Tanzania Safari Package

Pamoja Wildlife Experience offering 4 day Tanzania safari package will give you the opportunity to a world of extreme natural beauty.

Online PR News – 02-May-2016 – Arusha, Northern Tanzania – The phrase safari has appeared from the local language of Tanzania Swahili. It would not be incorrect to mention Tanzania as the safari capital of not just Africa but the entire globe. While on a tour to Tanzania, you can’t miss the mesmerizing exquisiteness of Serengeti National Park and immigration of 1.5 million white bearded wildebeest, many zebras and Nile crocodiles.

The province of Serengeti national park is extended over never-ending plains and the name itself is adopted from the Masaai as Siringuitu which denotes “place where the land runs forever.” You’ll discover a huge variety in Serengeti as the plains are superb having encompassed of lush green grassy area, wooded grassland, black clay plains, swamps, savannah, lakes and rivers. You’ll discover the globe’s best combination of ecosystem & habitants making it a major mammal throng.

The world famous wildlife sanctuary, Serengeti national park encompasses some of the rarest wild animals on the planet. Safari aficionados have always preferred exploring this park as they’ve the opportunity to roam into natural plains observing diverse wildlife creatures. During a Serengeti safari one can anticipate to witness zebra, wildebeest, hyenas, leopard, lion, warthog, cheetah, caracal, impala and many other creatures detaining your heart. It’s certainly a pleasure to witness the fabulous black-manned lions in Seronera, one of the best views of the Serengeti National Park.

“Our 4 day Tanzania safari package will give you the opportunity to a world of extreme natural beauty. This is the best safari package to blend all the popular sights & sounds of Africa and to find a flavor of the wild world within a few days. From the opportunity to catch a glance of the Great Wildebeest Migration to walking in the footsteps of the first man at the Ngorongor crater; this 4 day Tanzania safari trip will find you some memories to cherish later. This safari permits you to witness pink flamingos flooding the shoreline, hear the night-time roar of a lion as it traps its prey and can take you very deep into golden plains of the Serengeti” said the chief travel consultant of Pamoja Wildlife Experience.

Tanzania has more of African’s crown gems than any other destination: the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Serengeti National Park the Selous and many others.

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