All Landscapes Competition Winners Announced

Winners announced, April 18, 2016

Online PR News – 02-May-2016 – Annapolis, Maryland – For the month of March, Contemporary Art Gallery Online received entries for photography, paintings, also mixed media and three dimensional categories; as part of the All Landscapes competition. Winners were announced, April 18, 2016.

In the paintings category, Best in Show went to, James Ellison for the serenity and magnificent detail conveyed in the woodland themed, “An Insignificant Life”. Dimitrina Kutriansky won first place for, “Natural Patterns” and Colleen Stevens received second place for, “One Step at a Time”. Jessica King and Val Robert were awarded third and fourth places, while fifth place went to, Tricia Hoye for, “Mangrove”.

In Mixed Media and Three Dimensional categories: Best in Show went to, Lisa Hill for, “L’ Art De Vivre” a colorful depiction of a mariner’s city, hearkening to European leisure and dining alfresco. Shana Martin stole first place for the “Where Does it Lead?” indelible canvas, whereby tree lined shadows whisper from beneath a network of circuit board etchings; to contrast artist, Lukasek who won second place for an image simply entitled, “Ice”. Martin and Lukasek’s works challenge viewers to take inventory of natural surroundings and also internal awareness.

Photography and Digital Art award recipients were as follows: Joanna Gawkowska for, “To Future” as, Best in Show. Nicolas TeeTelli for, “Horseshoe Bend II” as first place; and second place to, Lisa Schneider for, “Black and White Trees”. Sean Stewart and Jason Levi tied third place for, “Winters Gate” & “Canyon de Chelly” images. While Joan Miller received fourth place for, “Kilchurn Reflected”. Linda Wilkinson received fifth place for, “Solitude”.

The following artists produced memorable and cohesive illustrations, affording them Honorable Recognition: Emily Boutilier Sullivan for the looming, “Giant Sequoia” painting and Randy Hall for the abstract and eerily stark, “Progress?” photograph.

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