Carp Fishing Holidays offered with Eco-Friendly Accommodation by “Lionheart Lakes” in France

This press release is related to “Lionheart Lakes France” that offered Carp Fishing holidays and adventure tours for families and individuals.

Online PR News – 30-April-2016 – Piegut-pluviers / France – This news is for those who are adventurous and love touring for carp-fishing, and France is a specialized place for anglers’ where they can experience of catching their life’s bigger carp fish. Several tournaments also arranged yearly and carp lovers came to participate to beat their own record by catching bigger carp each time. Tourists from different countries made their visit for carp competitions. The various hotels and eco-friendly accommodations are also can be found besides the beaches, rivers and lakes where tourist can enjoy their skills. These accommodations are made for tourist’s convenience where all the facilities are provided.
In Europe, more specifically in France, Carp-Fishing is adored by the anglers for fun, enjoyment and proves their skills of carp fishing in France by catching the fish, not for the food. It is considered as a highly prized coarse fish that is difficult to hook and it is a one of the toughest type of fishing in France.
If you are looking for a peaceful, romantic, yet adventurous trip, then France will be the right destination for you. You can find here lots of lakes, beaches, rivers where you can enjoy your car fishing and enjoy the holidays by having a comfort of accommodation which you will find near about the lakes, rivers and beaches. If you have not experienced carp fishing before, and want to experience in France, then it might be not an easy task for you, but with the frequent efforts and hard work you can do it. It needs lots of patience and it may take a day or a week, or may be more than a week. To catch a carp you need carp fishing equipments such as rods, baits, bite alarm tools, fine net and many more. The carp fish meal has also played an important role in catching the fish. Moreover, there are lots of things you can learn during the carp fishing in France.
About Lionheart Lakes France
Lionheart Lakes Carp Fishing in France offers carp fishing holidays with accommodation besides the two rivers where anglers’ can enjoy their carp fishing. The accommodation is eco-friendly, where all kind of comforts are provided such as LED, Internet Connection, Telephone, high class bedding with classic interiors and rest can be provided on the demand too. If you are a painter, musician, write, then you will also find lots of things which will attract you and encourage you in your skills. The nature can provoke for new paintings to paint, lyrics to write, and stories to tell. So, overall this place is for every one doesn’t matter from which profession they are.
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