Target Hydraulics To Focus On High-Tech Products: Hydraulic-electric Products

Target-hydraulics will be focusing on high-tech hydraulic, electric products that aim to reduce operational costs and optimize service delivery.

Online PR News – 29-April-2016 – Ningbo – Target-hydraulics will be focusing on high-tech hydraulic, electric products that aim to reduce operational costs and optimize service delivery. Speaking at the company’s offices in Zhejiang; Dominic Wang, who is the product manager reiterated that efficiency, convenience, cost advantage and reliability are the factors Target-hydraulics staff begun fusing on since the beginning of 2016.

“Solving problems start by investing in technology and we are excited to introduce a new wireless remote for the mini hydraulic power pack. The result is the most versatile, adaptable and reliable control mechanism that allow users to operate hydraulic power packs when they are 200 meters away,” said Mr. Wang. “It is for this reason that our R&D team strives to improve performance of our DC and AC power packs, alongside a wide range of our products such as gear pumps, hydraulic manifolds and hydraulic valves.”

Target-hydraulics will focus on improving the existing equipment sold over the past decade that do not feature the existing technology.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, Mr. Wang highlighted, “this does imply that electrical products we sold over the past decade will be rendered not suitable for any use. As a company, we strive to manufacture hydraulic equipment with un-matched performance and our technological advancement aims to improve service delivery.”

The new products that feature and advanced technology are compatible with all Target-hydraulics electrical products.

So far, the three main electrical products, which feature a high-tech manufacturing process include:
DC Hydraulic power pack

They are compatible with DC motors with a power rating between 350W and 4500W. The main features of this electrical equipment include:

1.Motor specifications - DC12V, 1.6kW and 2800 RPM
2.Working pressure - 50bar to 210 bars, though an average setting is 160bar.
3.Flow L/M - 3LPM to 15LPM
4.Reservoir - 3L to 16L
5.Oil port thread - BSPP1/4” or BSPP3/8”

Target-hydraulics has optimized DC hydraulic power pack for all single acting hydraulic applications.

AC power packs

These electrical systems come with motors from 0.37kW to 7.5kW. As a requirement by the regulatory authorities, they are UL and CE approved. Main features of this equipment include:

1.Oil port thread - BSPP1/4” or BSPP3/8”
2.Motor rating - AC110V/220V/240V/380/415V. The frequency is 50/60Hz
3.Gear pump rating - 0.75cc/r to 8.0cc/r
4.Working pressure - 40 bar to 250 bar with an average of 180 bars.
5.Reservoir - 3L to 100L
6.Flow L/M - 3L to 15L

Wireless remote

This is the latest innovation where hydraulic power pack users can control this equipment while 200 meters away. They come with a wireless remote control receiver. It is highly sensitive, rugged and adaptable to most industrial and residential applications. The two systems are isolated from any interferences.

In all cases, Target-hydraulics aims to reduce energy consumption. This is a critical aspect of equipment sold in America, where the government is keen to cut on energy costs.

These devices are apparently available for bulk orders for products resellers and distributors.

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Target-Hydraulics is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valve manifold blocks and mini hydraulic power pack units. The company has two manufacturing facilities in Ningbo, China. They design and developed hydraulic systems with both SolidWorks and AutoCAD. This is for both ODM and OEM clients. These hydraulic systems are used in electric straddle stackers, hydraulic power units, scissor lifts, tipping trailers and custom hydraulic systems.

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